Surgical navigation systems optics and cancer

According to the functions of the optical surgical navigation, it allows the detection of cancer in patients, also decreases the arrival times to the specialist of the patient, by means of guidance to identify and overcome the barriers that face and prevent early detection, as well as adequate and timely diagnosis and treatment of the disease. In addition, health experts achieve levels of accuracy and security in image acquisition, which are extended and assisted by computer, magnifying images, facilitating diagnosis, planning and execution of procedures.

Currently, the location with computer navigation systems in people with high risk of cancer reduces the risk of dying from this disease when detected previously. This method of navigation allows the surgeon to evaluate the case much more effectively and thus establish the best diagnosis. In addition, surgical intervention can be planned and simulated virtually before surgery.

ย Previous diagnoses of cancer by surgical navigationย 

ย Currently, doctors use navigation-assisted surgery to treat some cancer tumors in patients. This method, allows doctors to diagnose and remove tumors through smaller incisions, which can result in shorter stops in hospital and less pain for patients.

We study the idea of using new imaging methodologies for cancer diagnosis, such as computerized optical surgical navigation systems to help improve diagnosis. In this technique, the affected areas are continuously explored for about 30 seconds, allowing the location of the tumor relative to other structures as a person breathes, rather than just taking a snapshot at a given time.

To help doctors provide treatment measures more accurately, it determines exactly where the tumor is located during each part of the body. This practice can also be used to help show whether a tumor is adhering to or invading important structures, which can help doctors diagnose whether a patient might be a candidate for surgery.

Optical Navigation Techniques in Patients with Metastases

Metastasis, are a common problem among people suffering from cancer and often result in worse outcomes. In patients with a metastasis that is not extensive, radiation techniques, allow only the specific tumor to be treated with radiation avoiding damaging the rest of the area. This type of radiation causes fewer side effects and maintains its effectiveness in treating cancer. Studies are currently assessing whether administering an immunotherapy drug along with radiation therapy in people who cannot have surgery, can further shrink the tumor size and perhaps help people live longer. Therefore, with the previous diagnosis, using the optical surgical navigation systems, the following benefits can be achieved:

  • Approves minimally invasive operating solutions.ย 
  • Determine a better visualization to perform surgery quickly and safely.
  • It transfers to greater accuracy and shorter procedure and less pain for patients.
  • Mistakes are avoided, increasing patient safety and clarifying the surgeon’s work.ย 

It should be noted that this systematized technique of optical surgical navigations used in cancer patients is advantageous, since it increases the precision and reduces the sequelae that some interventions may have. They also reduce the length of hospitalization of patients, since these are minimally invasive interventions. In addition, this surgery reduces postoperative complications.

Optical Surgical Navigator brand Kalstein

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