The Elisa Technique for Disease Prognosis in Animals

The endemic diagnosis that allows a direct practice for the control and supervision of diseases in animals, it is necessary to monitor based on the importance of problem solving, which allows to provide more information on certain diseases in a primary way in states of high incidence, or where there is an active contagion of the infectious agent, so it is necessary to implement strategies to change the continuity of the various diseases that manage to be controlled to the benefit of these diseases.

To this end, the Elisa technique applied massively in the animals will allow the detection of diseases and diagnosis for the isolation of the infectious agent, joining the efforts of determination in the animals previously detected by serology, saving material and time to ensure greater conviction in the final result.

Importance of the Elisa Technique in the Veterinary Sector

The best way to diagnose the various diseases in animals, is by cultures and isolates, using synthetic elements, collection of tissues in live animals for the typing of the infectious agent, which lies in the results and interpretation that show the tests provided by microplate readers together with the Elisa technique, based on the ability of the conjugate of the positive and negative samples, regardless of the safety, confidence and repeatability of the results in which the user and the team intervenes.

Therefore, the use of microplate readers with the realization of the technique of Elisa, offered by Kalstein, will allow the veterinary sector to have trained devices that allow the elaboration of reading programs with the use of the computer and printer with which it is incorporated for the diagnosis of optical densities, transformation of percentages, transfer and statistics of individual and global results, which allows to throw enough information for the user to make reports with numbers and graphs, in favor of an epidemiological evaluation by age, sex, prototype, and standardization of the same technique.

Through this technique for the bovine sector, for example, it provides sufficient information to propose programs and controls for the elimination of diseases and are taken into account to maximize animal productivity supplying healthy food to the population. As well as for the control and supervision of domestic animals that have direct contact with humans.

General Characteristics

With the use of microplate readers and their application of the Elisa technique, for the veterinary sector directed towards the discovery of infectious diseases in animals, it also allows reducing the costs of diagnosis, transforming this tool for the prevention of immunodeficiency as well as the study of epidemiology, clinic and treatment.

It also has functional characteristics such as:

  • Prevents pipetting errors: thanks to its independent temperature technology, it calculates microplate samples in depth and eliminates curves.
  • Enhanced Optical Line: Features an excellent quartz fiber optic mechanism that supports reducing blurred light for precise captions throughout the microplate that certifies the accuracy of DNA absorbance calculations.
  • Optical Channel Design: has 8 wells that facilitate early detection with precision and speed throughout the microplate.
  • Flexibility: Read a single sample or up to 384 on a single plate reading using any model container or 96- or 384-well microplate.

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