Use of Recirculation Coolers for Hospital Machines

Recirculation coolers are units composed of closed circuits responsible for controlling the temperature to provide comfort to the space you want, are airtight equipment and protect the circulation of air away from pollutants present in the environment. Basically, they work with water that passes inside the machine to the recirculation cooler.

Similarly, these devices control temperatures by continuously circulating fluids that pass through a remote reservoir, using water as the source rather than air to cool or heat (as the case may be). They do not consume more electrical energy and are ideal for keeping existing hospital machines or equipment, such as MRI machines, CT scans and other applications of the pharmaceutical procedure, cold.

Recirculation Coolers for Medical Equipment Storage

Several medical products and equipment require cooler temperatures to avoid disturbance to their operation and the use of recirculation coolers are the ideal tool for this purpose. Medical equipment generates a lot of heat due to the powerful force with which they operate and the recirculation coolers work properly to provide safety to the user.

In this sense, especially for magnetic resonance machines, the magnets that make up the equipment must be maintained at low temperatures and the recirculation coolers transfer the emitted heat to the source providing cold air and maintain its optimal operation.

On the other hand, the scanners used for the Computed Tomography (CT) use x-ray tubes that tend to warm up quite fast so it requires from 10 to 30mn to go into rest and keep cool, but during this time it delays medical care and generates medical costs, so thanks to the recirculation chillers eliminate all this time and speed up medical practices.

Also, the equipment designed to carry out Positron Emission Tomography (PET), in charge of producing three-dimensional images of the body, as well as magnetic resonance machines and CT scanners need the use of recirculation coolers to keep them cool and do not affect their functions during use.  For this reason, the recirculation chillers offered by Kalstein are ideal, because they have high-performance pumps or high-pressure pallet pumps, imported with stable quality, reliable and adjustable.

Hospital Environmental Control System

An environmental control system that reaches levels of cooling and heating, requires means to eliminate factors that are unfavorable, depending on the spaces that are conditioned, and recirculation chillers basically provide adequate ventilation, thanks to its complexity and efficiency. In this sense, aerating the spaces means that it is necessary to enter clean air and with less pollutants than the one that is in the enclosure.

With the use of recirculation chillers, treatments of transmitted air with all its elements are necessary to carry out proper heat or cold treatments, which can be classified into three criteria:

  • According to the cooling medium: these equipment are used with water to cool the condenser, through a cooling tower and return to the circuit remotely to the condenser.
  • Depending on the configuration: These are equipment consisting of two parts which are connected by connections, and comprise condensation and evaporation functions.
  • Depending on the type: these are flatbed units with a wardrobe appearance, which refrigerate or heat as required.

Kalstein Brand Recirculation Coolers

At Kalstein we are manufacturers of the best Recirculation Coolers on the market and at the best prices, they correspond to the YR series. Closed-circuit units allow hot or cold air to be circulated from a reservoir on the inside of the equipment. In addition, they are applied for sectors in chemistry and biology, through atomic absorption, ICP-MS, functional and beneficial for units of nuclear resonance, biological fermenter, etc. Ideal for materials of electron microscopy, X-ray diffraction, among others.

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