What benefits do Shaker Agitators bring for mixing substances in the food sector?

One of the first technical actions consciously undertaken by the human being in the course of his development was the processing of his food. Only then could humans gain a decisive selection advantage. So, it is not surprising that the higher the level of culture and civilization, the more intensive and sophisticated the processing of food. When considering this context, there are only two general ways to process food:

  • Preparation (cooking)
  • Prolonging the shelf life (storage) of food

In both cases it is necessary that the food is in appropriate conditions, one of the requirements being that all substances are properly mixed, so that cooking and storage are carried out uniformly. For example, hand blenders, blenders, and food processors are good auxiliaries to mixing operations; shaker shakers are also beneficial for mixing procedures, as they allow:

  • Mix ingredients quickly
  • Make preparations simultaneously
  • Mixing frequency and time can be graded
  • Saves time

How does the mixture of ingredients contribute to the quality of food?

The idea of mixing food substances well is intuitive. For example, if a juice is produced, the added sugar and other additives must be dissolved appropriately so that the entire beverage has the desired properties, otherwise there will be a significant variation in the batches produced of that juice. Other aspects that arise from the homogeneity of foods may be:

  • Safety (e.g., analysis of the amount of pesticide residues, veterinary medicines, food additives in the product)
  • Health (nutritional and health-related aspects: calorie calculation, absence of allergens for lactose and gluten intolerants, provision of probiotics, Omega 3 and other elements that enrich the product for those with certain deficiencies)
  • The organoleptic aspects (the sphere related to perception, such as aroma and taste – consistency on the palate, taste, fragrance, etc.) and that related to appearance (texture to the touch, freshness, size, packaging, color, etc.)

The mixing directly affects the organoleptic aspects of the food, as in the case of juice. On the other hand, the first two points, safety and health, are derived from the support of the blending operation in the analysis of food. This operation, can be carried out successfully and quickly with shaker shakers.

How does the mixture of substances contribute to the functions of food?

In general, science attributes three major functional effects to food, called primary, secondary, and tertiary functions. The main function of food (nutritional value) is the basic supply of food energy and the necessary macro and micronutrients. This is an indispensable function for the maintenance of life. The secondary value includes the sensory properties of food (enjoyment value). A function that should not be underestimated. A food may be of high nutritional quality, but if it does not taste good, it will not be consumed and is therefore useless.

Foods with a special tertiary function that goes beyond the two functions mentioned above have also long been referred to as “functional foods” or “functional foods”. This tertiary effect is related in particular to the health value of the food. This means that these foods have an additional, special, health-promoting effect or, in general, a welfare-enhancing effect.

Although these functions can be said to depend on many variables, this article gives special importance to the proper coupling of all the substances that compose them, so that the nutritional functions, enjoyment and well-being are distributed uniformly throughout the food. In this sense, shaker stirrers can help this stage of the development of the food (the mixture), to be carried out completely and efficiently.

Kalstein shaker shakers for mixing food components

In this article it was shown how the mixing of the ingredients supports the preparation processes, the quality and the function of the food. Similarly, shaker stirrers, such as those developed by the manufacturer Kalstein, are equipment that has been designed to facilitate mixing operations. This equipment is characterized by their high durability, which is derived from the engines they use; several samples can be shaken simultaneously, at a frequency and times that can be preset. Other technical details, as well as prices, purchase and quotation can be found on the following page HERE or on the home page HERE