which are the different types of laboratory incubators

Without doubt incubators have a specific function within a laboratory, and that is to store and condition the environment, to carry out the necessary microorganism tests effectively and efficiently, some of their applications are to maintain microbiological and cellular cultures, in addition to analyzing microbiology compounds and the development of organic compounds; incubators manage to maintain the levels of carbon dioxide and oxygen that facilitate these studies, that is by the temperature, pressure and circulation of the air, characteristics of these equipment.

However, as a result of this variety of uses, there are several types of incubators, already classified by their usefulness and application in the medical and industrial field, then the choice of a specific model will depend directly on the type of microorganism with which you are working, in order to store everything that contains chemical samples and finally perform the analysis of medical relevance.

Classification of incubators found in the market

In the market according to the manufacturer we can find a simple classification of the types of existing incubators; this classification is the guide for each of your designs, now let’s describe each of them:

  • Standard Incubator: they have an assisted convection, can be of two types i.e. by gravity or fan. Its temperature ranges from 80ยฐC to 100ยฐC.
  • Refrigerated Incubator: they have as features that operate at ambient-like temperatures or lower than ambient temperature.
  • Humidity incubator: they are characterized by a cooling system that allows them to control the temperature of the indoor environment as well as the humidity.
  • Shaker or Agitation Incubator: they have the advantage of stirring the samples while applying a controlled temperature to them.

Types of incubator brand KALSTEIN

Based on the quality, design and applications that incubators can have, we at KALSTEIN classify them into six large models; below are the different designs with a brief description, but if you want to specifically consult the physical characteristics of each team or consult our advisors, just visit us at the following link HERE

  • Bacteria incubator: is a constant temperature incubator; In KALSTEIN we present the Biochemical Incubator 100 L – 400 L: Applicable to the analysis and determination of BOD of water.
  • Constant temperature incubator: we present three models in volume 50 L – 160 L: It is used to grow crops from microorganism industries, equipment needed for health care, biotechnology and agriculture, and scientific experiments.
  • Constant temperature incubator: Electric heating incubator: It is used for constant temperature crops in the medical and healthcare industry, pharmaceutical industry, biochemistry and agricultural research. For medical, pharmaceutical, chemical and agricultural health departments.
  • Constant temperature and humidity incubator: Microbiology incubator: used in environmental protection, medicine, drug testing, health and epidemic prevention, livestock, aquaculture and other scientific research and university departments. In addition, wide application in biological engineering and analysis of water and other fields.
  • Co2 incubator: COโ‚‚ incubator: Uses for cell, tissue and bacterial cultures; it is the key team for essential immunology, oncology, genetics and bioengineering.
  • Biochemical incubators: Biochemical incubator BOD: For environmental protection, medicine, drug testing, health and epidemic prevention, livestock, aquaculture.

General characteristics of KASLTEIN incubatorsย ย 

  • Cooling system with imported high quality compressor. Delay protection function. Smooth start and low noise when working.
  • Made of stainless steel, easy to clean.
  • LED microcomputer controller.
  • Setting the parameters of the touch key.
  • Timer, Overheat Alarm Function.
  • Interior camera with lighting.
  • Automatic defrost function
  • Manual control system for cooling effect.

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