Clinical uses of the electrosurgical unit in skin surgery

The Electrosurgical Unit has become an essential tool for skin surgery due to its versatility and ease of use. This unit consists of an electrode, a power source, a signal generation/storage/amplification device, a jaw, and a power management device.

This unit is used to apply short-lived electrical energy to tissues, it can be used to destroy, disintegrate, incise, melt, open, haemostasis, keratolysis, tissue binding, resection, biopsy and ablation.

Where and when the electrosurgical unit can be used

Clinical uses of the electrosurgical unit include treatment of skin lesions such as warts, oysters, xanthelasmas, lipomas, sebaceous cysts, nevi, melanomas, and other skin tumors.

It can also be used to remove scarred or hardened tissue, benign lesions such as scarring, acne, acanthosis nigricans, seborrheic keratoses, and skin biopsy. The advantage of the electrosurgical unit is that it provides accurate removal of tissues without causing much damage to surrounding tissues.

There are great benefits when using the electrosurgical unit

In addition, it can be used with high precision without needing sedation or hospitalization, which reduces the procedure time and treatment costs. Another advantage of the electrosurgical unit is its ability to control postoperative bleeding.

This unit can cause decreased bleeding due to thermal coagulation that occurs when electrical current is applied to tissues; this decreases the risk of complications from postoperative bleeding, the electrosurgical unit has also been used for the treatment of scars.

Advantages in the use of the electrosurgical unit

This unit can safely heat tissues to reduce hyperpigmentation and skin tension, the thermal action of the electrosurgical unit also contributes to collagen reorganization to promote the formation of new high quality tissue.

Another application of the electrosurgical unit is the treatment of vascular injuries. Laser hair removal for vascular injuries, such as reticular vascular disease, requires local anesthesia, which increases treatment costs and recovery time after the procedure.

The electrosurgical unit reduces both time and costs

The electrosurgical unit, however, can disintegrate blood vessels without the need for anesthesia, this reduces the treatment time and treatment costs; that is, the electrosurgical unit is an indispensable tool for skin surgery.

This unit is used to treat a variety of skin lesions, from benign to malignant.

What the electrosurgical unit can offer us

It offers accurate extraction without damaging surrounding tissues, a significant reduction of bleeding complications, better control of skin hyperpigmentation and greater comfort without the need for local anesthesia for the treatment of vascular lesions.

These clinical uses make the electrosurgical unit a unique tool for the treatment of skin lesions.

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