Advantages of water purification system in the laboratory

The repeatability and accuracy of a laboratory’s analytical results depends on the reliability of the pure water it uses. Water purity requirements vary depending on the equipment being used or the analysis being performed. This means that, for each experiment, the purity and conductivity of the water must be rigorously taken care of.

The water provided by municipal water services is generally not suitable for carrying out experiments or analyzes carried out in the laboratory, either for research or for clinical diagnosis. This type of water usually contains microorganisms, dissolved gases, ions, organic and inorganic compounds, and particles.

Some laboratories supply pure water in plastic bottles; however, the purity level indicated on the bottle only indicates the purity of the water used to fill the bottles. This condition can change by the storage and material of the bottles, so, the purity of the water will be affected at the point of use. If these bottles have not been manufactured and handled correctly, they can promote water contamination with organic plasticizers, release agents, solvents and monomers, especially if stored for long periods.

Disadvantages of using pure bottled water

  • Rapid deterioration and contamination: once the bottle is opened, the deterioration of the purity condition begins. When air enters the bottle, bacterial, ionic, and organic pollutants are also introduced. It is recommended that laboratories only acquire volumes of bottled water, which they can use quickly, in order to minimize the degree of deterioration. This is a situation of special care in cases of ultra pure water (Type I), due to its low level of resistivity, which causes its rapid contamination once the container is opened.
  • Waste generation: due to the high demand for water in the laboratories, the amount of bottles required is significant, so the use of pure bottled water generates a large amount of waste.  It has been estimated that laboratories around the world can generate approximately 5.5 million tons of plastic waste per year.

What does a water purification system offer?

In a laboratory, the constant supply of water, in adequate quantity and quality, is essential. The water purification system for the laboratory is an integral solution that allows obtaining pure water, in the desired quantity and quality, at any time.

The incorporation of a water purification system can be more cost-effective in the long term, with the reduction of costs per liter of water. In addition, it can help in mitigating environmental impact by promoting a reduction in waste generation.

Currently, there are different water purification systems, which can be adapted to almost any laboratory size and water purity requirements. The purity requirements of the water will depend on the type of experiment or analysis that will be performed. Some tests are more sensitive to contamination and may require a higher degree of water purity.

Water purity ranges from Type I+, which has a resistivity of 18.2 ΜΩ.cm and is used in highly sensitive experiments, to Type III, which has a resistivity of >0.05 ΜΩ.cm and is used as feedwater for purification systems, as well as washing machines and autoclaves.

Water purification equipment can use different technologies, such as reverse osmosis, ion exchange, electric ion exchange, filtration, ultraviolet light and ultrafiltration. There are models that provide two of these technologies, and in some cases, there are compact teams that can offer several of them.

Kalstein Water Purification System

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