Agitators, a step forward to fight serious diseases

Agitators are medical devices with multiple applications that are increasingly being used in recent years to fight serious diseases; these devices are used to mix, shake and homogenize a wide range of fluids, including blood, stem cell fluid, amniotic fluid, cerebrospinal fluid and clinical fluids.

They are a significant advance to combat clinical diseases, formulations, industrial processes and laboratory; stirrers have been developed in two main forms; spring ratchet stirrer (also known as flanged arm stirrer) and spring-less ratchet stirrer (also known as T-arm stirrer).

Advantages of using agitators to solve medical problems

So, these devices facilitate stops, short periods of no stirring (shaker “off”) until the liquid is read, allowing consistent and reproducible mixing during long-term stirring operations without downtime, reducing the time needed for a complete liquid mixing.

Agitators have an application in the field of medicine, especially in critical care to help in solving a variety of problems related to medical processes.

Agitators are especially beneficial for patients with serious illnesses, where these factors should be monitored continuously:

This includes mixing fluids that must be kept at controlled temperatures as well as mixing fluids to ensure that the medicine is administered properly.

In addition, shakers are also used to help track body temperature, blood oxygenation, pH level, acid-base balance, and fluid level in the body.

Agitators are designed to mimic wave movements of natural blood flow

Physicians may benefit from shakers for optimal drug delivery; these devices are able to control factors such as prescribed volume, number of drugs, and timing of the drug for optimal drug delivery and efficacy.

These features, coupled with the option of frequent removals to avoid dose overlap, make stirrers ideal for fluid control in critically ill patients.

The use of agitators is exclusively important, since it helps specialist physicians to fight serious diseases, allowing them to work with liquids important for patient care with greater precision and efficiency

In short, this allows a much more efficient mixing of a patient’s fluids, reducing the mixing time of liquids to less than 3 minutes; this function comes with the safety option to turn off the device if any foreign particles get stuck in the hose.

Agitators offer a host of benefits, including greater accuracy when administering drugs, greater flexibility in caring for severely ill patients, more homogeneous mixing of fluids, better safety when administering fluids, greater efficiency in mixing fluids, and better ease of use.

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