A Detailed Focus on the Efficiency of Microwave Digesters

Microwave digesters are essential equipment in any laboratory aiming to effectively execute chemical analyses. Whether in academic, research or industrial laboratories, microwave digesters offer an optimized solution for sample preparation.

The manufacturer Kalstein presents their YR04960 and YR04959 models as outstanding examples of microwave digesters optimized for demanding laboratories. These devices incorporate advanced features such as temperature and pressure control in all vessels, facilitating the perfect and proper preparation of samples.

The construction materials also distinguish the Kalstein microwave digesters, as the inner container uses imported TFM, while the exterior is made of imported PEEK and fiberglass, ensuring exceptional durability and resistance.

Technical Advantages of Kalstein Microwave Digesters

Eager to meet the demands of the current market, Kalstein offers advanced technical features in its microwave digesters. For example, these devices employ non-contact pressure and temperature test methods that guarantee precise and reliable results. In addition, the pressure control range (0-10MPA), the adjustable microwave power (0-3000W), and the wide temperature control range (50-300ยฐC), allow more flexibility in laboratory operations. https://www.kalstein.se/product/microwave-digestion-system-yr04959-yr04960/

Specification Model KALSTEIN
YR04960/ YR04959
Vessels 50 vessels / 40 vessels
Temperature&Pressure control All vessels temperature&pressure control
Vessel volume 50ml
Pressure testing method Contactless
Temperature testing method Contactless
Vessel matrial Inner vessel: imported TFM / Outer vessel: imported PEEK+ glass fiber
Pressure control range 0-10MPA
Maximum working pressure 6MPA
Outer vessel pressure limit 20MPA
Temperature control range 50-300โ„ƒ
Maximum working pressure 250โ„ƒ
Inner vessel temperature limit 300โ„ƒ
Microwave power 0-3000W adjustable


Pricing and Purchasing Considerations

The price of a microwave digester can vary depending on its technical specifications, the manufacturer, and where the equipment is purchased. In this sense, Kalstein stands out for offering high-quality equipment at competitive prices.

Before deciding on the purchase, itโ€™s essential to consider not only the initial price but also the equipmentโ€™s life span and maintenance costs. In this area, Kalsteinโ€™s microwave digesters excel thanks to their robustness and durability.

The decision to sell or purchase a microwave digester should not be taken lightly. Technical specifications, price, performance capacity, and durability are key factors to consider. Kalstein, as a trusted manufacturer, offers highly efficient and durable microwave digesters, making it an ideal choice for any laboratory.

In conclusion, with their superior performance, efficiency, and competitive prices, Kalsteinโ€™s microwave digesters position themselves as an excellent option for any laboratory seeking the best value for their money.