Accuracy and Reliability in PH Measurements: Kalstein Benchtop Meters

In the vast field of laboratories and medical methods, adherence to accuracy and precision are crucial. The instruments used must be maintained at the highest level of precision to ensure correct measurement and accurate results. In this context, Kalstein Laboratory Benchtop pH Meters are an exceptional choice due to their outstanding ability to accurately and precisely read pH values. The models to be discussed in this article are YR01822, YR01823, YR01825 and YR01826.

YR01822 Benchtop pH Meter: For Basic and Advanced Usesย 

We start with the Kalstein model YR01822, a benchtop PH meter that stands out for its wide measuring range. It can measure pH values from -1.00 to 15.00, with a high resolution of 0.01 pH and an accuracy of ยฑ 0.01 pH.

This meter offers wide flexibility with 1 to 3-point calibration options. The YR01822 allows selection between two types of PH buffer sets: US and NIST. In addition, it includes a BNC connector and a 3.5 mm jack connector for versatility.

YR01823 & YR01823-2: For PH and ORP Measurements

If you are looking for additional accuracy and versatility, the Kalstein YR01823 and its YR01823-2 variant are the perfect choices. These models cover a wider pH range, from -2,000 to 20,000 pH, with variable resolution and improved accuracy of ยฑ0.002 pH. In addition, these instruments include an ORP (oxidation-reduction potential) measurement function with a range of ยฑ1999.9mV.

This model has a larger number of calibration points (1 to 5), and can store up to 500 data sets. This makes it ideal for laboratories that require a detailed record of their measurements.

YR01825: A Multifunctional Laboratory Companionย 

If you are looking for a more comprehensive device, Kalsteinโ€™s YR01825 benchtop pH meter is the preferred choice. Aside from PH and ORP measurements, this model can also analyze ion concentration, and even water hardness. Its PH range is similar to the YR01823, but with the advantage of having 5 custom buffers for the PH buffer.

In terms of ion concentration, this instrument is surprisingly versatile. Its measurement range varies from 0.001 to 30000, and it can be calibrated in 2 to 5 points. In addition, it includes numerous units of measurement, making it easily adaptable to different laboratory protocols.

YR01826 & YR01826-1: The Superior Choice for pH and Ion Measurements

Finally, Kalsteinโ€™s YR01826 and YR01826-1 are positioned as the most advanced benchtop meters in the line. They maintain the same PH and ORP measurement capabilities as the previous models. However, they excel in the field of ion concentration, with a measurement range of 0.001 to 19999. This gives them the ability to make accurate measurements in highly concentrated solutions. In addition, these models feature a temperature compensation calibration option, providing more accurate measurements in a wide range of environmental conditions.

In summary, Kalsteinโ€™s benchtop PH meters excel in versatility, accuracy and adaptability to the challenges of any laboratory. From basic to more complex applications, you will find a model to fit your specific needs.