Advancements and Specifications of Kalstein’s Class II Biological Safety Cabinets

Having a safe and effective working environment for laboratory personnel is essential to ensure accuracy in test results and reduce possible risks. This is where Kalstein’s Class II Biological Safety Cabinet stands out. The models under examination are YR05708, YR05709, YR05710, YR05270-1, and YR05271-1.

Superior Cleaning with the YR05708, YR05709, YR05710 Models

The Class II Biological Safety Cabinets offered by Kalstein come in different models, each with notable features. The YR05708, YR05709, and YR05710 models exceed the expectations of cleanliness in a laboratory with a Class 100@≥0.5μm rating (as per the US Federal 209E standard). These models ensure an ultra-low colony number of ≤0.5 pieces/dish·hour, based on a Φ90 mm culture plate, which reduces the probability of contamination during work.

These Kalstein models also feature an average interior wind speed at their doors of 0.38±0.025 m/s, in the middle of 0.26±0.025 m/s, and inside of 0.27±0.025 m/s. Also, the suction wind speed at the front is 0.55 m ± 0.025 m/s. These speeds minimize the entry and exit of particles during use, protecting both the user and the samples.

Low Noise and High-Efficiency Operation

Another notable feature of the YR05708, YR05709, and YR05710 models is their low noise operation, with a maximum noise level of ≤65dB(A), providing a more comfortable and focused working environment.

These models consume a maximum of 500W, 600W, and 700W respectively, offering energy efficiency without compromising their performance. They are powered through a single-phase alternating current of 220V/50Hz and their weight varies between 210KG to 270KG, providing stability and robustness.

High Cleaning Standards with the YR05270-1 and YR05271-1 Models

The YR05270-1 and YR05271-1 models from Kalstein maintain high cleaning standards, complying with the International Standard ISO14644.1 CLASS 5 (US209E, CLASS 100). The air inflow speed is 0.53 m/s, whereas the descending speed is 0.35 m/s, with an accuracy of ±0.015 m/s. These ranges allow for effective air flow control, thus managing the entry of possible contaminants and the removal of particles.

These models also include high-efficiency (HEPA) filters with an effectiveness of 99.995%, ensuring an exceptional cleaning of the air. Also, they have a noise level (dB) that does not exceed 65 and barely present vibrations ≤3 μm (in X, Y, Z directions).

Operative Environment of the YR05270-1 and YR05271-1 Models

Regarding operative conditions, the YR05270-1 and YR05271-1 models operate optimally in an ambient temperature range of 10-30 ℃ and with a relative humidity below 70%. Their design is such that they can operate efficiently in vibration-free and apparent dust-free environments. Moreover, their light intensity is equal to or greater than 650 LX, and they offer a pressure difference range of 0~500 Pa. Five excellent features that allow for accurate laboratory work.

Kalstein’s Class II Biological Safety Cabinets are a reliable and safe choice for any laboratory environment. The combination of outstanding technical features with high cleaning and operating standards makes them high-performance laboratory machines. Their low noise emission, limited vibrations, and capacity to operate under a wide range of environmental conditions make them ideal for a variety of scientific and research applications and requirements.