Amazing Functionalities and Specifications of Kalstein Operating Table Models

Kalstein operating tables are an invaluable component of any hospital or clinic. These highly robust and durable pieces of equipment are available in several models, each with its own unique technical specifications. For example, model YR02158 measures 2100 mm in length, 500 mm in width, and its height can vary between 1040 mm and 690 mm.ย

The YR02155, YR02156 and YR02157 models exhibit similar dimensions with the exception of the height, which on the YR02156 model is as low as 550 mm. YR Series operating tables accommodate a variety of discipline-specific positioning requirements. You will always find the YR Series to perfectly match your demands, no matter during ENT, ophthalmic, endoscopic or any other type of procedure.

The YR02154 and YR02153 models have slightly different technical specifications. The length of the YR02154 table is 2100 mm, its width reaches 500 mm, and its height can vary between 1030 mm and 700 mm. On the other hand, the YR02153 table has a length of 2140 mm, a width of 520 mm, and a height ranging from 1100mm to 600mm.

Innovations in Design and Control

Some of the tables come equipped with a wired remote control for convenient operation. Some models, such as the YR02155, even offer the option of a foot pedal control. These technological advances allow surgeons to easily adjust the table during surgical procedures, improving efficiency and patient safety.

Operating tables are a critical part of the surgical environment, providing stable and secure support for patients during surgery. They facilitate patient accessibility for the medical team and allow for precise patient positioning for specific procedures.

Importance of Operating Tablesย 

Kalstein operating tables are high-quality equipment designed to provide maximum efficiency and safety during surgeries. They offer a combination of strength, durability and functionality, ensuring their competitiveness in the medical market. With a wide range of models, each with their own unique technical specifications and technological advancements, Kalstein operating tables are certainly a valuable addition to any hospital or clinic.

In short, in todayโ€™s high-speed, ever-changing world of medicine, we need equipment that can keep pace. Kalstein Operating Tables meet this need by offering innovation, diversity of models and options, and most importantly, efficiency and safety in patient care. This makes them a solid choice for any medical facility.