An In-Depth Analysis of the Comprehensive Drug Stability Test Chamber

The scientific and medical field requires the use of high-precision equipment to obtain the best results. A critical component in drug development is the testing of drug stability under different conditions and for this purpose, Kalstein introduces the Comprehensive Drug Stability Test Chamber. This article describes in detail the features of the Alligent-KG model in its YR05354, YR05355 and YR05356 variants.

These integral drug stability test chambers employ forced convection, a system that ensures precise and uniform control of the experiment environment. The thirty-stage microprocessor PID controller provides exceptional flexibility and precision in regulating temperature and humidity within the chamber.

Temperature and Humidity Performance

Temperature levels in the Kalstein chambers can range from 10 to 65 degrees Celsius with illumination, and from 0 to 60 degrees without illumination, with an accuracy of 0.1 degrees. Temperature fluctuation is ยฑ0.5 degrees in the range of 10 to 40 degrees, ensuring optimal stability for drug testing.

The chamber can maintain the humidity range between 50 and 90% RH, with a fluctuation of only ยฑ3% RH. The equipment thus offers a reliable and reproducible environment for comprehensive stability testing.

Illumination Range and Working Environment

The instrument offers a wide illumination range from 0 to 6000LX, adjustable in five stages, allowing the selection of the most suitable amount of light for each experiment. This factor is especially relevant in stability tests of photosensitive drugs.

For the correct functioning of these chambers, their operating environment must be maintained between 10 and 30 degrees Celsius and with humidity below 70%. Create a scientific method for the evaluation of drug failure for a long time to stabilize the temperature, humidity and light environment, apply to pharmaceutical companies for the evaluation of drugs and new drugs, accelerated testing and long-term trials, high humidity and strong light test. Exposure test.

Materials and Dimensions of Test Chambers

The Kalstein Drug Stability Test Chamber uses imported environmental protection insulation material, making it a sustainable choice. The YR05354 model measures 1410 x 650 x 680 mm and has an interior volume of 150L. Model YR05355 has dimensions of 1730 x 650 x 740 mm and an inner volume of 250L, and model YR05356 measures 1700 x 745 x 930 mm with an inner volume of 400L.

With Kalsteinโ€™s range of integral stability chambers, drug research and development teams have the most accurate technology for comprehensive stability testing. Forced convection, microprocessor PID controller and environmentally protective material selection ensure a reliable and sustainable environment for the most critical experiments.