Analytical Laboratory Balances: A Look at the Kalstein Models

The analytical balance is a high-precision scientific tool used to measure small masses in the sub-milligram range. Commonly used in laboratories, its accuracy and precision are unmatched.

Analytical balances are essential components in any laboratory. These devices enable extremely accurate weight measurements, essential for precise experiments and analysis. In this article, we will explore the specifications and features of Kalsteinโ€™s laboratory analytical balance models.

Models YR05568 โ€“ YR05572: Internal and External Calibration

These models offer weighing capacity ranging from 220 to 610 grams, with accurate resolution down to one milligram. All feature a stabilization time of โ‰ค4 seconds and can operate effectively over a temperature range of 5-35 โ„ƒ. They feature repeatability ranging from 0.1 mg for weights โ‰ค 220 g to 0.35 mg for weights from 310 g to 610 g.

In addition, they feature an LCD monitor with white backlight and black print, allowing easy viewing and analysis of data, and a pan size of ฮฆ80mm, suitable for handling a variety of materials. Their design and features make these models reliable instruments for accurate results.

Models YR05573 โ€“ YR05575: High readability

The YR05573, YR05574 and YR05575 models have a weighing capacity ranging from 100 to 220 grams. Readability is 0.0001g, allowing extremely accurate measurements. In addition, they have a repeatability and linearity of ยฑ0.0002g and ยฑ0.0003g respectively, ensuring accuracy and consistency of measurements.

The stable time on these models is โ‰ค3 seconds and their pan size is ร˜80mm. These balances are also equipped with a draft shield size of 240x190x265mm. Another benefit is their ability to communicate via RS232 and optionally, USB.

Models YR05769 โ€“ YR05773: Higher Weighing Capacities

Models YR05769 to YR05773 offer weighing capacities ranging from 200 to 1000 grams, with a readability of 0.001g. These models also provide excellent repeatability and linearity, ensuring accurate measurements.

All come with a stable time of โ‰ค3 seconds and pan size ranging from ฮฆ80mm to ฮฆ100mm. Like the previous models, these also come with a standard size draft shield, maintaining weighing accuracy even in fluctuating conditions.

Models YR05779 โ€“ YR05781: External Calibrationย 

Finally, models YR05779, YR05780 and YR05781 offer an option for those who prefer external calibration. The pan size is ร˜90mm and the capacity ranges from 110 to 310 grams. Readability, repeatability, linearity and stable time remain consistent with previous models, ensuring accurate and reliable measurements at all times.

In conclusion, Kalsteinโ€™s analytical balance models offer a full range of features to ensure accurate and consistent measurements. From internal and external calibration to high readability and extensive weighing capabilities, these balances are crucial instruments for any quality laboratory.