Chemical Analyzers: Comparison between Kalstein YR05115 and Caretium NB-201

In the scientific space, chemical analysis is considered an integral part. Chemical analyzers are indispensable tools in any laboratory that requires precision and convenience in the measurement and analysis of various samples. In this comparison, we will look at two manufacturing companies and their respective products: Kalstein and the YR05115, and Caretium with its NB-201.

Kalstein YR05115: The semiautomatic revolution of chemical analyzers

Kalstein, as a leading manufacturer, presents its semiautomatic chemical analyzer YR05115, equipped with superior features that make it stand out in the world of analyzers. This impressive device features a 7-inch color LCD touchscreen, with space for up to ten incubators and three timers.

This analyzer is versatile in its capacity, offering several testing modalities, either in flow cell or cuvette. It also has a respectable wavelength accuracy of ยฑ2 nm with an absorbance range of 0~4.500 Abs.

In terms of storage, the YR05115 has a large capacity, protecting you with space for more than 10,000 tests. This adds to its lightweight of 5 kg, which makes it easy to handle.

Caretium NB-201: The giant of touch screens

Caretium does not lag behind with its chemical analyzer NB-201. This device uses a large LCD touchscreen, ensuring ease of use for the user. Like the YR05115, the NB-201 uses a flow cell to perform the tests.

Unlike the YR05115, the NB-201 has a wavelength accuracy of < 8 nm, guaranteeing more precise results in the measurement of the wavelength. It stores a total of 3200 sample results, slightly less than the YR05115, but still offers respectable performance.

In terms of size and weight, the NB-201 is a bit heavier and larger than the YR05115, with a size of 420 mm (height) x 380 mm (width) x 170 mm (depth) and a weight of 8.0 kg.

Comparing lamps and sample volume

As for the lamps used, YR05115 employs a long-life Philips 6V 10W halogen lamp, while the NB-201 opts for a 12V/20W quartz halogen lamp. Both lamps ensure optimal performance, but the choice will depend on the specific needs of the laboratory in terms of lifespan and performance.

Regarding sample volume, YR05115 has a greater capacity, with 0~3000 uL, while NB-201 has 200~2000ฮผL. For laboratories requiring a larger sample volume, Kalstein YR05115 would be the most appropriate choice.

Which is most suitable for your lab?

If you are looking for an analyzer with large storage capacity, an easy-to-use touchscreen, and lightweight, the YR05115 from Kalstein could be your perfect choice. However, if you are looking for a higher wavelength accuracy and donโ€™t mind a slightly heavier device, the NB-201 from Caretium might be the most suitable option.

ESPECIFICACIONES/MARCA KALSTEIN (YR05115) Semi auto chemistry analyzerย  Caretium NB-201 Chemistry Analyzer
Display 7 inch Color LCD , Touch screen
10 incubators and three timers
Touch screen , large LCD display
Test mode flowcell or cuvette flowcell
Test method Kinetic, End point, Two point, Absorbance End point ,kinetics, fixed time absorbance
Wavelength 7 standard filters, 340, 405, 492, 510, 546, 578, 630 nm, 1 free position 340nm, 405nm, 492nm, 510nm, 546nm, 578nm, 630nm
1 position free for optional filter
Wavelength precision ยฑ2 nm, width โ‰ค 10nm < 8 nm
Absorbance range 0~4.500 Abs 0.0000 to 3.0000 ABS
Absorbance precision outside 0.0001 Abs , inside 0.00001 Abs
carry over < 1% < 1.0%
CV < 1%
Sample volume 0~3000 uL (โ‰ฅ500uL recommend) 200~2000ยตL
Data Storage โ‰ฅ10000 3200 sample results
Flow cell 32 uL quartz glass, 10 mm 32 ยตL 10mm
Lamp Philips 6V 10W Halogen Lamp with long life Quartz-halogen lamp 12V/20W
Printer Built-in thermal printer
Dimension 340(L)*270(W)*160(H) 420mm(H) x 380mm(W) x 170mm(D)
Weight 5 kg 8.0 kg


Both analyzers are efficient and robust, providing accurate and reliable results, so their choice depends on the specific needs of your laboratory, the price, and the purchase and sale conditions of the seller.