Comfort and Mobility Performance: Kalstein Power Wheelchairs

As experts in medical and laboratory equipment, our vision is to provide innovative products that respond to the changing needs of healthcare. With this methodology, we present the Kalstein range of power wheelchairs, characterized by their strength, comfort and efficiency.

Our products are exported to Europe, America, South America, the Middle East and Southeast Asia and other global markets, and we have established deep cooperative relationships with local distributors, charities and medical rehabilitation institutions.

Electric Wheelchair YR05443

This high-end model has a perfect balance between comfort and performance. Constructed of aluminum alloy, it is lightweight and sturdy with a net weight of 30KG/38KG without cushion and 32.15 kg with cushion. It can support a maximum load of up to 130KG at a maximum speed of 6 km/h. Equipped with two 250W motors, a 24V 12Ah lithium battery provides a range of up to 15 KM. The 45 cm wide and deep seat offers maximum comfort during long periods of use. In addition, its folding feature allows for easy storage and transport.

Other features include: Automatic remote control folding/unfolding, walking, can board, Lightweight folding design, easy to carry and travel. Switch to manual model, foldable armrest.

Electric Wheelchair YR05442

The YR05442 model is a sturdy steel construction option, designed for those who need a higher load capacity, reaching up to 200 kg. This model offers higher adjustable speed of up to 20 km/h and, with a 48V 20Ah/32Ah battery with lead acid or lithium options, provides an impressive range of 35 to 75 km. The wider seat size at 45 cm wide, and a backrest height of 78 cm, provides superior comfort. In addition, it has several customization options to meet all mobility needs.

Additionally the Heavy Duty Electric All-Terrain Wheelchair for disabled and elderly, Can climb stairs 10 cm high and crawl slopes within 40 degrees, Anti-slip design, the wheelchair will not slide backwards on the slope, Standard USB charging port, seat belt, optional selfie stick holder and custom storage basket, Safe low speed start design to avoid potential safety hazards caused by excessive acceleration, Speed and battery life will vary with changes in battery and motor power.

Electric Wheelchair YR05441

The model YR05441 provides stability and efficiency, also constructed of durable steel material. It can support a load of up to 130 kg, with a range of 15 km and reaching a maximum speed of 6 km/h. The two 250W motors powered by a 24V 12Ah lead acid battery ensure reliable performance. In addition, it is offered in different cushion colors: black, red or blue, providing customization options.

Kalstein medical wheelchair is our most advantageous product. We can provide wheelchairs with different functions for people with different needs, including power wheelchairs, manual wheelchairs, wheelchairs for children with cerebral palsy, standing wheelchairs, stair climbing wheelchairs and other wheelchairs with different functions.

Electric Wheelchair YR05445

The YR05445 is a compact option that doesnโ€™t skimp on performance. Constructed from aluminum alloy, this wheelchair is lightweight with a net weight of 18 kg and can support a load of up to 100 kg. Powered by a 24V 6Ah lithium battery, this model can travel up to 12 km at a maximum speed of 8 km/h. The seat size is 36 cm wide and deep, offering a comfortable ride.

More descriptions of this chair is that it can board, Lightweight folding design, easy to carry and travel. Intelligent brake, folding armrest, 360ยฐ adjustable push handle,

In short, Kalstein power wheelchairs offer unmatched versatility. Regardless of the model you choose, you will benefit from strength, comfort and efficiency. We invite you to experience the freedom of mobility provided by the Kalstein range of power wheelchairs.