Detailed analysis of Kalstein vertical laminar flow cabinets

Laminar flow cabinets are an essential investment for any laboratory requiring a sterile, contaminant-free working environment. That is why excellence in the choice of laminar flow cabinets is critical for safe and efficient scientific operation. The Kalstein line of laminar flow cabinets, which includes the YR05745, YR05739, YR05737 and YR05734 models, offers a range of features ensuring excellent and reliable performance.

Deciding which laminar flow cabinet is suitable can be a challenging decision based on the specifics of the laboratory. The technical features of Kalstein models promise efficiency, durability and a great investment for any laboratory. Depending on the model, they can offer flexibility in airflow direction, energy efficiency, noise and vibration minimization, and a high level of cleanliness, according to federal standard specifications. All of these features contribute to a sterile and comfortable working environment for laboratory professionals.

The Comfort and Energy Efficiency of the YR05745

A key feature that sets the Kalstein YR05745 apart is its horizontal and vertical air supply, which allows for an even distribution that ensures there are no areas of particulate buildup. This model has a high level of cleanliness (Class 100@โ‰ฅ0.5ฮผM US Federal 209E compliance) ensuring maximum sterility in the laboratory.

This model is remarkable for its power supply efficiency: single-phase AC 220V/50Hz and its maximum power consumption of 300W.ย  Additionally, it generates a minimal noise level (โ‰ค62dB (A)), which promotes a quiet and calm working environment.

The vertical focus of YR05739 and YR05737

Both the YR05739 and YR05737 prioritize a vertical air supply, which incorporates Class 100 cleanliness (they are in accordance with U.S. Federal Standard 209E). Both models maintain a low colony formation rate, at less than or equal to 0.5 pieces/plate-hour, demonstrating their excellent bacteriological control.

In terms of noise and vibration, these models also offer exceptional performance. With a maximum noise of 62dB(A) and an average peak vibration of up to 0.5 ยตM, these models are ideal for demanding work. In terms of power consumption, the YR05739 model consumes up to a maximum of 400W, while the YR05737 model consumes a maximum of 500W.

The balance of the YR05734

The YR05734 model in the Kalstein range offers a balanced set of features. With a high level of cleanliness, conforming to Class 100@โ‰ฅ0.5ฮผM (US Federal 209E) and limiting colony formation, this model ensures a highly sterile working environment.

Model YR05734 offers a smooth and quiet working area, with a maximum noise of 62 dB (A) and vibrations limited to an average peak of 5 ฮผM in all directions (x, y, z). Ensuring an illumination of โ‰ฅ300Lx and an efficient power supply (single-phase AC with 220V/50Hz).