Discovering Excellence in Laboratory Equipment: Kalstein’s Transparent Water Baths

The world of medical laboratory equipment has become increasingly sophisticated and precise. In addition, the demand for reliable, high quality equipment is constant. Kalstein’s clear water baths models YR05080, YR05081 and YR05082 are no exception. These laboratory instruments are revolutionizing laboratory work with their excellent performance, high capacity and impeccable precision.

The choice of the right Kalstein clear water bath model depends on the size and specific needs of each laboratory. In any case, this high quality equipment is a valuable investment for any medical laboratory looking to improve performance and productivity.

Capacity and Dimensions, Power, Temperature and Accuracy

Kalstein’s transparent water baths are available in three different models, taking into account the capacity and dimensions of the project. Model YR05080 has a capacity of 10 liters and tank dimensions of 160mm wide, 420mm deep and 150mm high. Model YR05081 has a capacity of 16 liters, with tank dimensions of 260mm wide, 420mm deep and 150mm high. Model YR05082, the largest of the three, has a capacity of 23 liters, with an opening of 360mm wide, 250mm deep and 150mm high.

Kalstein’s clear water baths vary not only in size but also in their power and precision. They offer a power output of 1.0 kilowatt for the YR05080 model and 1.5 kilowatts for the YR05081 and YR05082 models. In terms of temperature, all models work with an ambient temperature range up to 80°C. With a resolution of 0.1; these models are able to operate with an accuracy of ±0.5°C and a stability of ±0.1°C.

Connection and Functionality

The models feature an M16 type connector (male screw), which ensures a secure and stable connection. In addition, they are designed to operate with a voltage of 220V 50Hz. In terms of performance, the Kalstein models provide a maximum flow rate of up to 14L/min and a maximum lift of 12M. This remarkable power and functionality make these water baths highly effective in a laboratory environment.

With their advanced technical specifications, Kalstein’s YR05080, YR05081 and YR05082 models are transforming the way medical laboratories operate. The accuracy and efficiency of these instruments not only ensure reliable results, but also improve laboratory productivity.