Guide will detail the line of laboratory furniture from the renowned Kalstein brand

Making progress in the scientific or medical field is impossible without the right instruments and furniture. Robust, high-quality equipment can not only optimize the work process in the lab, but also improve the accuracy and efficiency of medical experiments and procedures.

With thoughtful design detail and a commitment to customer satisfaction, Kalsteinโ€™s line of laboratory furniture not only meets the practical demands of a modern laboratory, but also brings a sophisticated and professional aesthetic to any workspace. No matter how complex or demanding your lab environment, Kalsteinโ€™s workbenches and accessories are designed to withstand and exceed expectations.

304 Stainless Steel Laboratory Workbench YR06013-1 // YR06013-13

This Kalstein workbench model stands out for its superior quality and efficiency-focused design. Made of 304 stainless steel, this workbench is corrosion resistant, ensuring its durability and ability to withstand the daily rigors of an active laboratory.

The ergonomics of this workbench will meet all laboratory needs and will fit easily into any space. Dimensions or Size in millimeters (W*D*H) can be varied to suit specific customer needs.

Optional Accessories for Workbench YR06015-1 // YR06015-15

To increase the functionality and versatility of the workbenches, Kalstein offers a range of accessories that can further customize the laboratory work experience. These accessories include instrument stands, shelves for additional storage, and lighting systems, among others. The accessories are adjustable to fit different workbench models and can be ordered as needed.

The Kalstein brand symbolizes the standard of excellence in the design and production of laboratory equipment. By opting for Kalstein workbenches and accessories, laboratories can rest assured that they are investing in top-quality equipment that guarantees efficiency, durability and versatility.