Horizontal Laboratory Autoclaves: Optimize Your Practice with Kalstein

The use of advanced medical and laboratory equipment is essential for accurate and efficient results. Technological progress has made possible the development of highly efficient and safe horizontal laboratory autoclaves. This article focuses on the description of some innovative models presented by Kalstein.

The laboratory world demands precision and efficiency. Autoclaves are an essential part of this critical scenario. Kalstein laboratory autoclaves stand out for their robustness, performance and reliability. They have earned a special place in the hearts of scientists and laboratory professionals.

Features and Innovations: YR03391 to YR03394

Kalsteinโ€™s range of horizontal autoclaves YR03391 to YR03394 includes models with chamber dimensions from ร˜170ร—320mm to ร˜247ร—450mm. Chamber volume varies from 8L to 23L, providing flexibility to accommodate different load sizes.

Models YR03391 to YR03394 are horizontal laboratory autoclaves that feature compact and versatile dimensions; from 8L to 23L chamber volume. All these models have a voltage of 220/110 V and a frequency of 50/60 Hz, but vary in terms of power, from 1900 w in the initial models to 2100 w in the YR03394 model. The number of trays varies from 2 to a maximum of 3, up to 4 in the higher capacity models. Efficiency and versatility make it easy to adapt to any laboratory space. https://www.kalstein.se/product/class-n-table-top-autoclave-yr03391-yr03394/

Dimensions and Power: Model YR05758-1

Model YR05758-1 is an automatic sterilizer with a vertical sliding door for rapid cooling. Its volume capacity is impressive at 250L meeting maximum volume requirements.

Model YR05758-1 is a bet on high capacity. It features dimensions of 1290*1200*1850mm. With a weight of 750 kg and a power of 22 kW, this model is distinguished by its remarkable steam and water consumption per cycle. Its sterilization temperature control accuracy is ยฑ0.2โ„ƒ with a design temperature of 150โ„ƒ. This model is perfectly suited to the needs of a laboratory handling a high workload. https://www.kalstein.se/product/fully-automatic-ethylene-oxide-sterilizer-yr05754-yr05758/

Highest Accuracy: YR05651 to YR05654-1

The YR05651 to YR05654-1 models feature a working temperature range of 105 โ„ƒ-139 โ„ƒ and a temperature control accuracy of โ‰ค ยฑ 0.2 โ„ƒ. These models also offer a sterilization and drying time range of 0-999min.

The most outstanding feature is their vacuum rate of -97Kpa which provides high sterilization performance. The precision and performance make these models the right choice for rigorous sterilization cycles. https://www.kalstein.se/product/horizontal-pulsating-vacuum-autoclave-automatic-vertical-sliding-door-yr05651-yr05654-1/

Innovation and Efficiency: YR05643 to YR05646-1

The YR05643 to YR05646-1 models feature an operating temperature range of 105 โ„ƒ-136 โ„ƒ and a temperature accuracy of 0.1โ„ƒ. In addition, they offer a sterilization and drying time range of 0-99 min. In terms of design, single or double doors are available as options. These models guarantee effective and safe sterilization, making these autoclaves the ideal solution for any laboratory requiring efficiency and safety. https://www.kalstein.se/product/touch-screen-horizontal-pulsating-vacuum-autoclave-yr05643-yr05646-1/

In conclusion, Kalsteinโ€™s advanced models of horizontal laboratory autoclaves present a range of versatility, precision and efficiency that guarantee effective and safe sterilization for any laboratory.