Innovating in Total Organic Carbon Analysis with the Kalstein Autosampler YR04951

As laboratory analysis methods evolve, so do the demands and technical specifications of the equipment used. One proof of this is the sophisticated model YR04951 Autosampler for Total Organic Carbon Analyzers from the Kalstein product line.

This exceptional piece of laboratory machinery features a number of highly desirable technical characteristics that enable laboratory professionals to perform accurate, efficient and rapid analysis in even the most demanding environments.

Superior Autosampling Capability

Kalsteinโ€™s YR04951 Total Organic Carbon Analyzer Autosampler offers impressive capacity in the quality and quantity of samples collected. Designed for maximum throughput, the unit handles up to 19 samples, allowing for high-volume operation and minimizing human supervision of repetitive and precision-demanding tasks. The sample bottle holds 60 ml, ensuring sufficient space for large samples and facilitating overall analysis efficiency.

The YR04951 sets a new standard for collecting large sample volumes in shorter time frames. Internalizing these capabilities in a laboratory can lead to significant time savings and increased productivity.ย

Energy Adaptability and Power Consumption

The Kalstein YR04951 power adapter is versatile and adaptable, with an ability to handle AC voltages of 100-240V and a frequency of 50/60HZ. This wide range ensures exceptional performance in varied power environments. With a power rating of 120W, this equipment offers a balance between power usage and efficiency without compromising accuracy and analysis performance.

This optimization in power consumption results in less equipment wear and tear and longer life, giving laboratories a tangible return on investment.

Functionality in Diverse Environments

The Kalstein Model YR04951 operates efficiently in a variety of environmental conditions, from temperatures ranging from 0 to 40โ„ƒ, and relative humidity up to 85%. The wide range of supported ambient temperatures and robust humidity resistance ensure that the equipment is reliable and functional, regardless of climate or laboratory conditions.

This ruggedness and environmental adaptability make this autosampler ideal for laboratories located in regions with variable climates and for applications requiring handling in diverse environments.

Compact and Efficient Design

In addition to its impressive performance, the YR04951 stands out for its compact and efficient design. With dimensions of 265*373*395 mm, the autosampler conserves respectable space in the laboratory without compromising the amount of samples handled. The stroke length on the injection arm is 85 mm, which allows for easy sample handling and high precision in the sampling process.

In conclusion, the Kalstein YR04951 Autosampler for Total Organic Carbon Analyzers offers a complete and efficient solution for autosampling needs. The technical specifications and features come together in a design that promises to boost the analytical capabilities of every laboratory and deliver accurate and reliable results.