Innovation and Accuracy in Semen Analysis: A Look at Kalsteinโ€™s YR05119 Laboratory Semen Analyzer

Semen analysis is an essential tool in reproductive medicine, providing vital information for the identification and management of male fertility disorders. But to obtain accurate and reliable results, high-quality, innovative equipment is essential.

In the vast field of biomedicine, a well-equipped laboratory is essential to ensure the accuracy and efficiency of analyses. One of the most valuable tools in such a sphere is a Laboratory Semen Analyzer. In this regard, the Kalstein model YR05119 offers advanced features that set it apart in the market.

Flexibility and Accuracy in Test Modes

The Kalstein YR05119 Laboratory Semen Analyzer combines technology and functionality to provide accurate and reliable results. It features different test modes such as kinetic, endpoint and two-point, providing a wider range of analysis for different parameters. Each test mode is designed to adapt to the varying needs of laboratory procedures, ensuring unparalleled customization and flexibility.

The YR05119 also offers 7 different wavelengths, ranging from 340, 405, 450, 492, 505, 560 and 630 nm. This allows the instrument to perform single or dual wavelength tests, ensuring exceptional adaptability to various biochemical tests and different laboratory demands

Advanced Absorbance Technology

The YR05119 Laboratory Semen Analyzer boasts an advanced absorbance range from 0 to 4,000 abs. This wide absorbance range ensures high sensitivity and accuracy in detecting various concentrations, facilitating thorough evaluation of test results.

In addition, the channel difference of this analyzer is โ‰ค ยฑ0.015 Abs, demonstrating the accuracy and reliability of the tests performed. This level of accuracy ensures reliable results that contribute to the accuracy of semenological analysis.

Durable and efficient light source

The YR05119 Laboratory Semen Analyzer is equipped with a high light LED, an intense light source that provides adequate illumination for all tests performed. With a lifetime of over 100,000 hours, this light source ensures long-lasting use without the risk of failure or unplanned interruptions.

Versatility in Element Analysis

The YR05119 can analyze with extreme precision various elements present in semen such as fructose, Zn, citric, ACP, a-NAG, Acrosin, Elastase, among others. This multi-parameter functionality optimizes laboratory time and resources, providing a comprehensive platform for semen analysis.

In summary, the Kalstein YR05119 is an essential instrument that ensures accurate detection and precise assessment of semen parameters. With its wide range of functionalities and robust construction, this semen analyzer is a beneficial investment for any forward-looking laboratory looking to enhance its semen analysis capabilities.