Innovation and Efficiency in the Laboratory: Kalstein Rotary Evaporators

Rotary evaporators, essential tools in any laboratory, function to remove solvents from samples through evaporation. Models from Kalstein, a leading authority on laboratory equipment, take this functionality to new levels, providing innovation, power and efficiency.

Comparison of Models YR02307 // YR02310

The YR02307 model with its 5L evaporation flask and 3L receiving flask offers 2kW heating power and a rotational speed ranging from 20 to 140rpm. The YR02310 model, with a 50L evaporation flask and 20L receiving flask, has the same heating power but a rotation speed of 20 to 110rpm.

Both models share many features, such as their 220-240V-, 50/60Hz power supply, continuously variable speed regulation and a 250W motor. However, they differ mainly in size, with the YR02310 being more suitable for large-scale applications requiring a larger working volume.

YR02306 Rotary Evaporator: Differentiating Characteristics

The YR02306 model is distinguished by some particular features. It has a rotation speed ranging from 10 to 280rpm and its vacuum system pressure increase rate is <=0.33kPa/min. Its thermal stability of ยฑ1โ„ƒ and its temperature and speed control through the keypad and a digital display also stand out.

In addition, this model has a motorized lifter with a lifting distance of 150mm and a speed of 10mm/s. The above, together with a rotary motor power of 40W, contributes to its efficiency in the laboratory.

Applications of Kalstein Rotary Evaporators

All these models of rotary evaporators are ideal for various functions in chemical laboratories, pharmaceutical industries and research centers, thanks to their ability to perform distillation and drying tasks. They are also useful for solvent recovery and sample concentration.

In summary, the similarities in the technical specifications of the YR02307 and YR02310 models, along with some variations in size and capacity, offer flexibility to adapt to specific needs. On the other hand, model YR02306 has unique features that facilitate more precise process control.

Kalsteinโ€™s reputation as a leading manufacturer of laboratory equipment is reflected in the quality and diversity of its range of rotary evaporators. Each of these models offers its own set of strengths, providing options to meet the specialized demands of any laboratory or research institution.