Innovation in Laboratory Freezing and Cooling: The Kalstein Models

Technological advances in the medical field have significantly transformed the way we conduct our research and store biological samples. Among the most notable innovations are the Kalstein laboratory freezers and refrigerators. These equipment are designed to meet the specific needs of preserving biological and chemical materials, ensuring their optimal preservation in different temperature ranges.

Kalstein YR05320 Combined Laboratory Freezer at a Glance

Specially designed for high-use scientific environments, the YR05320 provides an efficient cooling system thanks to its direct cooling methodology. It goes beyond industry standards with an energy consumption of only 4.15 kWh/24h and a minimum operating noise of 50db. This model incorporates a microprocessor temperature controller and NTC sensor for precise temperature monitoring and control.

The temperature range extends from -20โ„ƒ to -40โ„ƒ in the freezing compartment and between 2โ„ƒ to 8โ„ƒ for the cooling compartment, ensuring adequate storage capacity for a wide variety of samples. Browsing through this combination freezer is a wonder thanks to the integrated shelves and drawers that offer ample storage space of 368 liters.

Describing the Kalstein Model YR05321ย 

The Model YR05321 has optimized performance for laboratory test preservation. This device implements a direct refrigeration process powered by two Chinese brand compressors. R600a and R290 refrigerants ensure superior efficiency in cooling properties.

With an efficient temperature range of -10โ„ƒ to -25โ„ƒ and 2 โ„ƒ to 8 โ„ƒ in its refrigerated compartment, it lessens the fear of degradation of stored samples. Like the previous model, this one includes a microprocessor temperature controller and digital display for accurate management and constant temperature display.

Exploring the Kalstein Model YR05321-1

Kalsteinโ€™s YR05321-1 is distinguished by its two-compartment design. This combination freezer has two shelves and three drawers to maximize versatility and storage organization. The upper capacity is 198 liters and the lower capacity is 102 liters, providing ample space for various samples to be kept at different temperatures.

The operating temperatures of the YR05321-1 range from 2โ„ƒ to 8โ„ƒ in the upper compartment and -10โ„ƒ to -25โ„ƒ in the lower compartment, allowing a broad spectrum of laboratory products to be kept. In addition, this model offers the option of a data logger, increasing the accuracy of temperature monitoring.

Innovative and efficient design of the Kalstein range

All Kalstein models are made of color-sprayed steel both internally and externally, offering durability and easy cleaning. The insulation material used, PURF, is environmentally safe and highly efficient in terms of energy conservation. In addition, these models operate optimally in environments from 10โ„ƒ to 32โ„ƒ, making them suitable for a wide variety of laboratory conditions.

All in all, the technical features of Kalstein laboratory combination freezers set a new benchmark in performance, efficiency and versatility for all types of laboratory environments.