Innovation of Water Baths in Laboratories: Kalstein Equipment for Accurate Results

When it comes to laboratory equipment and medical devices, it is essential to have the right equipment that meets all the functions and features needed to produce accurate results. Kalstein models stand out for their high precision, reliable performance and robustness.

The role of scientific and medical equipment in laboratories is fundamental to obtain accurate and reliable results. In that sense, Kalsteinโ€™s Laboratory Water Baths and Circulators models stand out for their precision, efficiency and durability.

Laboratory Water Baths Model YR030L: Superior Efficiency

Kalsteinโ€™s ruggedly designed Model YR030L Laboratory Water Baths provide exceptional efficiency for accurate and safe laboratory testing. These devices have an operating temperature range from room temperature to 100ยฐC with a temperature resolution of 0.1ยฐC and an accuracy of ยฑ 0.1 ยฐC. This accuracy guarantees reliable results in laboratory experiments.

In addition, they feature reciprocating oscillation amplitude from 16 to 24 mm, with an alternating frequency range from 20 to 180 r/min, offering consistent oscillations and accuracy in the alternating frequency of ยฑ 1 rpm. This high level of accuracy contributes to the replicability of experimental results, a crucial factor in science.

Cooling and Heating Circulation Pumps for Glass Reactors

Kalstein models YR05001 to YR05004 are specialized devices for glass reactors with capacities ranging from 2 to 50L. These units use a closed circulation system with a temperature range between -35 and 200 ยฐC. The modern technology of these units gives them a temperature resolution of 0.1ยฐC with an impressive cooling capacity, ranging from 1900 to 10280W, and a heating power reaching up to 6000W.

Flow in this type of equipment is another important factor, and these Kalstein models do not disappoint with a flow path of 18 to 35 l/min. This feature ensures optimum fluid circulation in the glass reactors.

Circulating Bath Heater: Stability and Efficiency

Kalstein Circulating Bath Heaters YR04977 to YR04984 offer a stability of ยฑ0.1 ยฐC, an essential quality for accurate laboratory results. Their temperature range extends from room temperature to 200ยฐC, with a constant flow rate of 14 L/min and a lift of 12 meters.

This equipment has a powerful system with power ranging from 1.0 to 2.0 kilowatts and capacities up to 30 liters. Its innovative design allows a constant flow allowing a precise and reliable control of the temperature.

Precision Water Baths: Maximum Control

Kalstein Precision Water Baths models YR05066 through YR05074 come with an advanced PID control system and a voltage range that adjusts to 220V/50Hz and 110V/60Hz. With power ratings ranging from 300W to 1200W, these units ensure optimized energy efficiency.

Their temperature range is in RT +5~100ยฐC and they have a temperature resolution of 0.1ยฐC. In addition, all variations remain well within the limit of โ‰คยฑ 0.5ยฐC, ensuring the accuracy of experiments and total control over laboratory procedures.