Innovations in Medical Technology: Analysis of Equipment from the Kalstein category

The medical field has long benefited from technological innovation in its equipment. A prime example of these advances are the models in the Kalstein category: the YR05164 4.3-inch large LCD remote-controlled infusion suction pump and the YR05165 syringe pump. They are distinguished by their high precision, adjustable functionality and efficiency, all of which are essential for quality healthcare.

Features of YR05164 remote control infusion suction pump

YR05164 infusion suction pump has peristaltic fingers to perform pumping, a feature that enables it to realize continuous blood flow without manual intervention. This pump has an adjustable drop rate, beneficial for adapting to the specific requirements of each patient. The rate ranges from 1 to 400 drops per minute for excellent accuracy. In addition, the volume rate is adjustable from 1 to 1200 ml/h, ensuring remarkable versatility and operational adaptability.

Flow accuracy is within 3% plus or minus of the specified value, provided the manufacturerโ€™s designated IV equipment or high quality calibrated equipment is used. This accuracy ensures that patients will receive the exact treatment required.

YR05165 syringe pump features

The YR05165 syringe pump offers remarkable performance features by allowing precious degrees of control over drug dosing and flow. Depending on the syringe volume, the rate range varies from 0.1 to 1800ml/hr.

The pump has a volume limit of 0.1 to 1999.9ml and no less than 2% accuracy in the delivery of predetermined volumes, ensuring safe and accurate drug delivery.ย  This device also features a KVO rate function, adjustable between 0.1 and 5 ml/hr. In addition, it adds up to 9999.9ml to the accumulated volume, facilitating control and monitoring of the total amount of medication delivered.

Kalstein Modelsย 

The Kalstein models YR05164 and YR05165 are necessary innovations in the medical field. Through the use of these devices, accuracy in the delivery of medication and fluids to patients, a critical feature in modern healthcare, can be ensured. Thanks to their adjustable capacity and thoughtful features, these devices are outstanding examples of how technology can continuously improve the medical care patients receive. Equipment in the Kalstein category is undoubtedly a valuable contribution to medicine.