Kalstein Automatic Hematology Analyzers: Efficiency and Accuracy in the Laboratory

Technological advances have revolutionized the field of hematology, making it possible to obtain accurate results with a speed and efficiency never seen before. In this context, Kalsteinโ€™s automatic hematology analyzers stand out as indispensable allies for laboratories and physicians.

Methodology and Parameters at a Glance

The Kalstein models YR05120, YR05121 and YR05122 work with a methodology based on electrical resistance for counting, the hemiglobin cyanide method and the SFT method for hemoglobin. This allows them to perform 3-part differentiations of WBC, in addition to generating 20 parameters and 3 color histograms for WBC, RBC and PLT. https://www.kalstein.se/product/full-auto-hematology-analyzer-yr05120/

The YR05121 model, on the other hand, offers more advanced differentiation with 23 parameters. In the case of the YR05122-1 model, the Tri-Angle Laser Scatter methodology, flow cytometry and impedance method is used for WBC, as well as the impedance method for RBC and PLT. https://www.kalstein.se/product/full-auto-hematology-analyzer-yr05121/

The YR05122 model uses three fundamental methods for analysis: electrical resistance for counting, hemiglobin cyanide and SFT method for hemoglobin. These methodologies allow detailed differentiation of the three parts of white blood cells (WBC), clustering a total of 20 parameters and integrating 3 color histograms for WBC, RBC and PLT. https://www.kalstein.se/product/full-auto-hematology-analyzer-yr05122/

Sample Volumes and Throughput

All these models work with a sample volume of 9.8 ul for venous and capillary mode, and 20 ul for predilute mode, while the YR05122-1 operates with a smaller sample volume of โ‰ค10 ul in CBC+DIFF mode.

In terms of throughput, these analyzers can store more than 60 sample results, including histograms, which is convenient for historical data query and management. Moreover, the YR05122-1 is distinguished by its ability to process more than 60 samples per hour, operable 24 hours a day, with auto sleep and wake-up functions. https://www.kalstein.se/product/hematology-analyzer-yr05122-1/

Storage Capacities and Reference Value Configuration

In terms of storage, these devices have the capacity to hold up to 100,000 sample results, including histograms. In addition, they accommodate diverse users through English language support.

The devices allow flexible configuration of reference values, providing the distinction for male, female, children and newborn, allowing for a more accurate and customized analysis.

Interfaces and Printing Options

Finally, regarding connectivity, the models have an RS232 input and output, as well as connection ports for a printer and a parallel keyboard. The YR05122-1 has a LAN port, 4 USB ports, internal RFID reader and supports the HL7 Reader protocol.

On the printing side, all models have a thermal graphic printer offering various print formats, with the option of an external printer. The YR05122-1 goes one step further, supporting several external USB printers, with user-definable print formats.

In summary, Kalstein automated hematology analyzers are high-performance instruments that combine accuracy, speed and efficiency, adapting to the needs and demands of modern laboratories.