Kalstein Biochemical Incubator Series: Impeccable accuracy in bacterial culture

The scientific universe is in constant evolution, always demanding high precision and performance equipment for research. Speaking about laboratories, one of the most essential and commonly used equipment is the bacterial incubator. One of the most prominent names in this sector is the Kalstein Biochemical Incubator Series.

Every medical or research laboratory is presented with the daily challenge of maintaining its samples in perfect conditions for study. The Kalstein Biochemical Incubator Series meets this challenge by providing high performance equipment with rigorous temperature control.

A Superior Incubation Solution: Kalstein YR02039-1 Series

The Kalstein YR02039-1 model line is designed to deliver flawless performance in temperature control tasks. They feature a Forced Convection Mode, which allows for uniform temperature distribution within the incubator.

These incubators employ a Microprocessor PID Control system, which ensures a maximum temperature accuracy and fluctuation of 0.1ยฐC and ยฑ 0.5ยฐC, respectively, within the 10-40ยฐC range. This accuracy avoids variations that can interfere with bacterial growth and reliability of results. https://www.kalstein.se/product/biochemical-incubator-100l-400l-yr2039-1/

Versatility and adaptability: Temperature range and timer

The Kalstein incubator series offers an unparalleled temperature range from 0 to 60ยฐC. This wide range allows the cultivation of diverse bacterial species, meeting the needs of laboratories with a variety of research projects or clinical trials.

Its timer range is equally adaptable, allowing settings from a short period of hours to an extended time span of 9,999 minutes. This flexibility facilitates short- and long-term experiments without compromising the accuracy of the study.

Technology and environment in synergy: Materials and working environment

Kalstein incubators use imported environmental protection type insulation materials, minimizing their ecological impact. They show optimal performance in a working environment with an ambient temperature of 10 to 30ยฐC and humidity below 70%.

The models vary according to their interior volume, from the compact 100L to the spacious 400L, with 3 to 4 interior steel levels, guaranteeing resistance and durability.

The cutting edge in bacterial incubation: Kalstein YR02040 to YR02043 series.

These models keep Kalsteinโ€™s promise of quality and efficiency. Their temperature parameters provide accuracy and stability, with a temperature range from 0 to 60ยฐC and a fluctuation of only ยฑ1%. https://www.kalstein.se/product/bacteria-incubator-yr02040-yr02043/

They operate with a voltage of 220V and have an efficient energy utilization, with a power consumption of 0.35KW to 0.7KW.

The Kalstein Biochemical Incubator Series is a proven solution for reliable performance and precision in bacterial culture. It is the answer to the demands of any laboratory looking for unsurpassed bacterial incubation.