Kalstein Dual Beam Spectrophotometers: Innovation and Accuracy in the Laboratory

In the scientific and medical world, precision equipment is crucial for accurate and reliable results. Spectrophotometers are essential devices for quantitative analysis in the laboratory. They are used to measure the intensity of light absorbed or transmitted by a substance. In addition, they can be used in various fields, such as chemistry, biology, pharmacology, medicine and environmental protection. In this article, we will explore Kalstein Dual Beam spectrophotometers.

Wide Waveform Range and Unmatched Accuracy

Kalsteinโ€™s Dual Beam Spectrophotometers are a brilliant manifestation of technological innovation that combines precision and unique wave range amplitude. For models YR01862 and YR01862-1, these instruments feature a wavelength range of 190-1100 nm, allowing for a wider range of analytical and laboratory applications. In addition, the wavelength accuracy is ยฑ 0.1nm (D2 656.1nm) and ยฑ 0.3nm, respectively, offering optimal performance over the entire range. https://www.kalstein.se/product/double-beam-uv-vis-spectrophotometer-yr01862/

Regarding spectral bandwidth, the YR01862 model offers a measurement of 1.8 nm, while the YR01862-1 varies between 0.5, 1.0, 2.0, and 4.0 nm. This measurement versatility, both in wave range and bandwidth, allows for meticulous and detailed analysis, suitable for any type of laboratory.

Excellent Repeatability and Photometric Accuracy

Kalsteinโ€™s YR01863, YR01864 and YR01865 series incorporate an advanced dual-beam optical system with a 1200 lines per millimeter grating, ensuring consistent results over a wide wavelength range, from 190 to 1100 nm. This technology, together with their stability of ยฑ 0.0003A/h at 500 nm and a baseline flatness of ยฑ 0.001 A/h, makes these models unsurpassed in accuracy. https://www.kalstein.se/product/double-beam-uv-vis-spectrophotometer-c-yr01863-yr01865/

Their wavelength repeatability of 0.1 nm and their photometric accuracy of ยฑ 0.2% T in the 0-100% T range confirm that these are first-class instruments. In addition, its photometric range of -0.3 to 3A, 0 to 200% T and 0 to 9999C provide a high degree of versatility, allowing its application in a variety of fields of study and research.

Innovation and Convenience in the YR01862-1 and YR01862-2 Models

The YR01862-1 and YR01862-2 models take innovation and convenience to another level. Both models feature a dual-beam optical system and light source composed of imported tungsten lamps and deuterium lamps. This development provides superior illumination capability to bring out the finest details in measurements. https://www.kalstein.se/product/spectrophotometer-double-beam-yr01862-1-yr01862-2/

In addition, these models incorporate a 10-inch HD smart touchscreen that facilitates interactivity and enhances the user experience. The control mode is stand-alone or via PC software, providing flexibility for lab technicians to operate the instruments according to their preferences. With the possibility of data output via Bluetooth and USB port, information transfer becomes easier and more efficient.

Leading the way to excellence in laboratory measurements

All in all, Kalsteinโ€™s Dual Beam Spectrophotometers offer an unsurpassed combination of advanced optics, meticulous precision and excellent repeatability. With a versatile wavelength range, a broad bandwidth spectrum and additional features such as a rich light source and high-definition touch screens, these instruments stand out as supreme in their class. They are the perfect choice for laboratories looking to elevate their analytical capabilities and ensure high quality results.