Kalstein Electrosurgical Generators: Description and Technical Specifications

From the main model YR02144 to the models YR02145, YR02146, YR02147, the Kalstein Electrosurgical Generator range is a safe choice for any medical environment requiring high precision and high performance devices. Each generator has its unique features, but all have remarkable technical specifications and meet the necessary safety standards, skillfully sacrificing between power, precision and safety depending on the needs of the operator.

YR02144 Monopolar Model Features

The YR02144 monopolar stands out in its class for its high performance under load and distinctive variety of cutting and coagulation modes. It offers maximum power with 400 watts in pure cutting mode, and the value drops progressively to 150 watts in mixing mode 3 allowing flexible control of the procedure. https://www.kalstein.se/product/electrosurgical-generators-yr02144/

In coagulation mode, this device can go up to 120 watts allowing precision without sacrificing power. This model is designed to connect multiple devices simultaneously, including up to two finger pens and, through its operating duty cycle, can operate constantly under safe convection cooling conditions.

The YR02145 and YR02146 Monopolar Models

Both the YR02145 and YR02146 monopolar models offer a wide wattage range, from 350w on the YR02145 to 150w on the YR02146. Both models have four cutting modes and two coagulation modes, providing greater versatility in handling different tissues and surgical conditions.

Both models support the connection of multiple devices simultaneously and include an optional surgical smoke evoker. The main difference between the two lies in the power output depending on the color (gray or white) of the devices, giving the user more options to suit different surgical environments. https://www.kalstein.se/product/electrosurgical-generators-yr02145-yr02146/

Electrosurgical Generator Model YR02147

The YR02147 offers a unique choice in terms of cutting power from 0 to 150 W, suitable for a variety of surgical procedures. At the coagulation level, it offers power from 0 to 100 W with remarkable precision. This model incorporates a fume extractor with remarkable filter efficiency, effectively eliminating odors and maintaining a clean surgical environment. Its waveforms and duty cycles are adjustable to suit different surgical requirements. https://www.kalstein.se/product/electrosurgical-generators-yr02147/

The choice of an electrosurgical generator depends on the specific needs of the operation. Kalstein offers a variety of models capable of providing power and precision in a wide range of procedures, while ensuring patient and medical staff safety. From the variety of cutting and coagulation modes to the presence of smoke extractors and the ability to adapt to the needs of different surgical environments, these units are reliable and efficient solutions for any electrical surgery need.