Kalstein Horizontal Autoclave: Features and Laboratory Applications

Safety practices in laboratories remain a high priority, and with the introduction of the Kalstein Horizontal Autoclave, sterilization of laboratory materials has never been safer and more efficient. This high-quality device offers sophisticated features designed to increase laboratory throughput and ensure the safety of researchers and technicians.

Without a doubt, the Kalstein Horizontal Autoclave is a robust, easy-to-use and versatile sterilization device that improves the efficiency and safety of any laboratory. It offers efficient, consistent and quality sterilization, making it a valuable investment for laboratory professionals looking to maximize productivity and maintain the integrity of their work.

Highlights of the Kalstein Horizontal Autoclave

The Kalstein Horizontal Autoclave features a functional, high-tech design that stands out for its durability and efficiency. This equipment features a chamber constructed of high quality 304 stainless steel, capable of resisting corrosion and high temperatures in its operations. The intelligent control system allows easy management of sterilization parameters, offering multiple operating modes to suit various laboratory applications.

One of the significant features of this autoclave is its vacuum drying system, which efficiently removes water vapor after sterilization to ensure that utensils are completely dry, free of bacteria and ready to be used again.

Use and Functions of the Kalstein Horizontal Autoclave

The Kalstein Horizontal Autoclave is an indispensable device in any laboratory performing cell culture, microbiological and surgical work due to its ability to kill harmful microorganisms through the use of pressure and heat. It is commonly used to sterilize medical instruments, cultures and solutions, laboratory equipment, among others.

The process is simple but highly effective. Items are placed in the stainless steel chamber of the autoclave, then air is removed and replaced with steam at elevated pressure and temperature. This ensures the complete elimination of any living organisms and spores on the materials, allowing them to be reused.

Horizontal Autoclave Applications in Laboratories

The Kalstein Horizontal Autoclave has a wide range of applications in laboratories of different types such as microbiological, clinical, industrial and research laboratories. In the clinical laboratory, it is vital for sterilization of syringes, test tubes, and other utensils that come into contact with blood samples, tissues and body fluids. In microbiology laboratories, it is used to sterilize culture media and associated equipment.

Industrial and research laboratories benefit greatly from high sterilization capacity in order to ensure the authenticity of research and experiments, waste management, and avoiding contamination of production processes.

Types of Kalstein brand horizontal autoclavesย 

Fully automatic ethylene oxide sterilizer YR05754 // YR05758: EO gas can be punctured automatically by a special device in the chamber, without the need for human intervention. Automatic pulsed vacuum venting ensures complete escape of the EO gas. One button to control from start to finish and automatically terminate with print registration. Learn moreย  https://www.kalstein.se/product/fully-automatic-ethylene-oxide-sterilizer-yr05754-yr05758/

YR05640 // YR05642 Horizontal Cylindrical Steam Autoclave with Digital Display: The machine adopts double horizontal cylindrical layer design structure, with inner chamber and outer jacket, which is conducive to steam entering the jacket first for preheating, ensuring the preheating of sterilization chamber and uniformity of drying temperature. Computer control, water addition, heating, sterilization, drying, exhausting and printing process are fully automatic. With self-protection device against overheating and overpressure. More details https://www.kalstein.se/product/digital-display-horizontal-cylindrical-steam-autoclave-yr05640-yr05642/

Class N Tabletop Autoclave YR03391 // YR03394: These are โ€œClass Nโ€ automatic autoclaves. An independent steam generator, driven by dynamic pulsed air extraction, was incorporated to achieve uniform temperature and complete steam distribution. Get more information https://www.kalstein.se/product/class-n-table-top-autoclave-yr03391-yr03394/

Low temperature plasma sterilizer with hydrogen peroxide YR05747 // YR05753: It is widely used in CSSD or other medical institute for sterilization of electrical wires and cables, optical glasses and glass lenses, electrical equipment and batteries, endoscopes, non-metallic catheters and other wet or heat-sensitive instruments. Metal tubular instrument: inner diameter โ‰ฅ 1 mm, length โ‰ค 500 mm. Non-metal tubular instrument: inner diameter โ‰ฅ 1 mm, length โ‰ค 2000 mm. https://www.kalstein.se/product/hydrogen-peroxide-low-temperature-plasma-sterilizer-yr05747-yr05753/

Class B Tabletop Autoclaves YR03385B โ€“ YR03385C: 8 Liter, 12 Liter, 18 Liter and 23 Liter tabletop autoclaves with class B pre-vacuum, complies with the European standard EN13060. These autoclaves require minimum space, being an ideal solution for small businesses such as tattoo, podiatry, beauty salons, veterinary and laboratories. https://www.kalstein.se/product/class-b-benchtop-autoclave-yr03385b-yr03385c/

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