Kalstein Innovations: Medium Storage Tanks and Smart Liquid Nitrogen Containers for Laboratories

Today’s laboratories demand the latest and most efficient technology and storage. In medical and scientific studies, both sample storage and sample handling are of paramount importance to ensure accurate and efficient results. Innovative advances in storage technology have enabled laboratory equipment to function more efficiently. Among these, Kalstein’s medium-sized storage tanks and intelligent laboratory liquid nitrogen containers are of particular note. These models provide a professional and safe means of storing biological samples.

Storage Efficiency and Key Features

Kalstein models YR05357 to YR05364 are more than just medium storage tanks. An excellent example is the maximum storage capacity, which ranges from 2400 to 3600 vials of 2 ml each, thus offering an efficient storage option for any medical or scientific laboratory. In addition, the static holding time ranges from 4 to 6 days for the different models, standing out for their durability and stability.

We cannot fail to mention the volume of liquid nitrogen that these models can hold, ranging from 65 to 115 liters. This capacity is also reflected in the static evaporation rate, which in most cases remains at 0.9%. Undoubtedly, these technical specifications demonstrate meticulous care in design and high level of performance. https://www.kalstein.se/product/medical-medium-sized-storage-series-yr05357-yr05364/

High Capacity Storage and Superior Maintainability

The YR05365 to YR05370 series models raise the performance bar even higher. With a maximum storage capacity of up to 6000 2 ml vials and up to 2430 5 ml vials, they represent the ultimate in sample storage efficiency. The number of layers in Rack varies from 4 to 10, providing great flexibility according to the needs of the laboratory. https://www.kalstein.se/product/medical-medium-sized-storage-series-yr05365-yr05370/

The capacity of these models to handle large volumes of liquid nitrogen, from 145 to 175 liters, is impressive. Despite this large volume, the evaporation rate is maintained at a constant 0.94%, demonstrating exceptional control over liquid preservation. The technical features of these models demonstrate how innovation and advanced engineering can dramatically improve efficiency in a laboratory.

Advanced Features for Modern Laboratories 

A distinctive feature of these Kalstein instruments is their high functionality. They are perfectly compatible with a variety of laboratory uses, from cryopreservation of biological samples to storage of vaccines or temperature-sensitive drugs.

In addition, the static holding time of up to 186 days – depending on the model selected – ensures that storage conditions will remain stable over extended periods, reducing the need for frequent refills of liquid nitrogen and enabling much more efficient and safer sample storage.

Kalstein at the Forefront of Medium Storage Tanks and Intelligent Liquid Nitrogen Laboratory Containers 

In short, Kalstein’s medium storage tanks provide practical and efficient storage capabilities with extended static maintenance. Through technical and design innovations, each model strives to provide maximum efficiency and performance for your laboratory.

Whether you need to store a large number of vials or maintain a constant evaporation rate, Kalstein equipment is designed to meet your needs. Turning your lab into a more efficient and safer working environment has never been easier with Kalstein’s smart liquid nitrogen containers.