Kalstein Laboratory Balances: Features, Uses, Applications and Functions

Accuracy and efficiency are two fundamental elements within any laboratory, and in this context, balances play an indisputable role. Today we will focus on the variety of laboratory balances offered by the Kalstein brand, a benchmark in the scientific equipment market thanks to their accuracy, durability and versatility.

Kalstein laboratory balances are more than just weights and measures. They are indispensable in precision work, where every milligram counts. With a swath of products that meet diverse measurement needs and laboratory environments, Kalstein establishes itself as a leading provider of comprehensive weighing solutions that are at the forefront of science and technology.

Kalstein Precision Balances: Guaranteed Accuracy

Kalstein precision balances are renowned for their agile and precise quantification, which is why they are used in pharmaceutical, chemical and medical laboratories in processes that require readings accurate to the milligram. They have an excellent line of innovation, with improved features such as anti-vibration function and a wind shield to maintain stability during weighing, ensuring accurate results.

Precision Balance YR05588 // YR05593: Metal base, Round stainless steel pan, LED (green), Tare/Count function, Overload alarm, Option: Under weighing/Interface/Printer/Wind shield. Information https://www.kalstein.se/product/precision-balance-yr05588-yr05593/

Precision Scale YR05600 // YR05602: Long range and high accuracy/aluminum housing, LED (green)/LCD, Tare/Count function, Overload alarm/level indicator, Option: Printer. https://www.kalstein.se/product/precision-balance-yr05600-yr05602/

Kalstein Waterproof Balances: Durability in harsh conditions

Ideal for laboratories and industrial environments where moisture and liquids may be present. Kalstein waterproof balances are highly resistant and durable, with their protective coating preventing moisture. These balances are used in chemical experiments involving liquids, as well as in the food industry for weighing liquid and solid ingredients.

Waterproof Balance YR05623 // YR05628: Appearance design and utility model. Patent access, Fully waterproof design, IP68/CE/RoHS/LFGB certification, earthquake proof, Full wash down body, easy to clean. Speed weight, speed stability, Stainless steel plate/load support. More information https://www.kalstein.se/product/waterproof-scale-yr05623-yr05628/

Kalstein Industrial Scales: Ruggedness at its best

Designed to meet the weighing needs of industrial environments, Kalstein industrial scales are designed to withstand high volume and weight weighing, with capacities up to one ton. Manufactured with corrosion-resistant materials and a non-slip surface to ensure safe handling, they are essential in the construction and metalworking industries, quality control and inventory management.

Industrial Scale YR05606 // YR05614: AC and DC power supply, Tare/Count/Unit conversion function (g/ct/oz) lb option, Overload alarm/level indicator, Interface/Printer option. Visit us https://www.kalstein.se/product/industrial-scale-yr05606-yr05614/

Multifunction Scale YR05620 // YR05622: Large stainless steel pan, Date/Time setting, Tare/Count function, Check weigher/Percentage/Density, Net and Gross/Amount, among other features, learn about them https://www.kalstein.se/product/multifunction-weighing-scale-yr05620-yr05622/

Kalstein Analytical Balances: For detailed and meticulous analysis

Kalstein analytical balances are an excellent tool for precise and detailed analysis. Equipped with high-quality electromagnetic cells and a digital display, these balances allow precise measurements down to tenths of a milligram. Their use ranges from research and analysis laboratories to quality control laboratories in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Analytical Balance YR05769 // YR05773: Electromagnetic sensor, JA-N (internal calibration), Aluminum housing, Wide-space windproof cover, LCD (white backlight with black lettering), Tare/Count/Unit conversion function (g/mg/ct/oz); find other features https://www.kalstein.se/product/analytical-balance-yr05769-yr05773/

YR05578 – YR05579 external calibration analytical balance: Dynamic weighing/net and gross/clock function (optional), Print function (baud rate setting, continuous communication or press communication), Calibration time setting, Overload alarm/Fault alarm/Level indicator. https://www.kalstein.se/product/internal-calibration-analytical-balance-yr05578-yr05579/

YR05568 // YR05572 Internal Calibration Analytical Balance: They are equipped with a highly integrated load cell that provides high stability, does not change with temperature and time, and has fast response capability due to reduced mass and reduced number of components. Get to know them https://www.kalstein.se/product/internal-calibration-analytical-balance-yr05568-yr05572/

Kalstein Microbalances: The King of Precision

Kalstein microbalances offer incredible accuracy at microgram levels, making them the ideal instrument for the most meticulous and precise work in the lab. Their advanced technology with thermal stability, automatic calibration control and anti-vibration function allows for consistent results. They are widely used in nanotechnology, pharmaceutical and biomedical research and development.

Semi-micro Analytical Balance YR05562 // YR05567: Unit conversion (g/mg/ct/oz), Multiple languages: English/German/French/French/Italian/Spanish/Portuguese, Keep weight values in GLP/ISO format, includes date, time and serial number. https://www.kalstein.se/product/semi-micro-analytical-balance-yr05562-yr05567/

In Kalstein the range of possibilities is wide, but what is constant is the quality and efficiency of our equipment, as a manufacturing company we are committed to deliver products with European certification at the best price in the market, guaranteeing your purchase.