Kalstein Laboratory Double Distillation Water Distillers: Power, Efficiency and Durability

In a world where precision is vital to the meaningful advancement of science, Kalstein double distillation water distillers and their advanced technology play a vital role in laboratories. They add value to researchersโ€™ routines by providing high purity distillates necessary for accurate and reliable experiments.

Overview of Kalstein Water Distillers

The Kalstein double distillation water distillers, models YR05975, YR05976 and YR05977, are laboratory equipment designed for the purification of water by a double distillation process. These models deliver superior performance in terms of efficient water consumption and power.

Each of these models operates on 380V/50Hz voltage and features automated electrical features, making the distillation process less laborious and more optimized. The distillers are intelligently designed to fit various usage needs, from the most compact model with a 5 liter per hour capacity to the most powerful model with a 20 liter per hour capacity. https://www.kalstein.se/product/stainless-steel-automatic-double-distillation-water-distiller-yr05975-yr05977/

Power and Water Consumption

The power of these distillers varies, offering 10kW for the YR05975 model, 17kW for the YR05976 and a powerful 32kW in the YR05977 model. This power range allows laboratories to choose the equipment that best suits their distillation needs.

Water consumption also varies by model, with the YR05975 consuming at least 5 liters per hour, the YR05976 10 liters and the YR05977 an impressive 20 liters per hour. This efficient water consumption ensures that the distillation process is economical and sustainable, even during long hours of operation.

Dimensions and Capacity

Kalstein distillers are robust yet compact devices. The carton dimensions of the YR05975 model are 45x68x84cm, those of the YR05976 are 46x77x95cm and those of the YR05977 are 56x86x120cm. These dimensions favor easy installation and mobility in the laboratory, without sacrificing the efficiency of the equipment.

In terms of capacity, the YR05975 model has a capacity of 5 liters per hour, the YR05976 can handle up to 10 liters per hour and the largest model, the YR05977, can distill up to 20 liters per hour. This ensures a constant supply of purified water to meet the demands of your laboratory.

Key Features of Kalstein Water Distillers

Three features distinguish the double distillation water distillers in the Kalstein category: high power, efficient water consumption and versatile capacity. Thanks to their double distillation design, they ensure a purified final product, free of impurities and contaminants that may interfere with laboratory activities.

Beyond their technical specificities, these Kalstein models stand out for their robust and durable construction, guaranteeing reliable and long-lasting performance and avoiding interruption of laboratory tasks. They are undoubtedly a top choice for laboratories seeking to optimize their water distillation process.