Kalstein Laboratory Spectrocolorimeters: A clear and precise view of colors

Color plays an absolute role in a variety of industries including plastic electronics, paint and ink, textile and apparel printing and dyeing, printing, ceramics and many more. It is in these industrial contexts that Kalstein’s Laboratory Spectrocolorimeters excel in color measurement and quality control.

Spectrocolorimeters are scientific instruments used to quantify the human eye’s response to color to ensure accuracy and consistency in numerous industries. In this article we will focus on Kalstein’s series of laboratory spectrocolorimeters, which are noted for their adaptability and accuracy in color measurement.

Technical Specifications of the YR05516 and YR05517 Models

These models share several technical specifications. Both have a D/8 optical geometry that refers to diffuse illumination with an 8-degree viewing angle, a mode that allows accurate measurements despite varying material textures or finishes. They also feature the SCI/SCE mode, which provides measurements with or without specular reflection to cover a wide range of needs.

Kalstein’s YR05516 and YR05517 Spectrocolorimeters are compliant with a number of demanding international standards, including CIE No.15, GB/T 3978, GB 2893, GB/T 18833, ISO7724-1, ASTM E1164, DIN5033 Teil7. These credentials certify its reliability and accuracy in color machining. https://www.kalstein.se/product/spectrocolorimeter-yr05516-yr05517/

Features of Model YR05516

The distinctive feature of model YR05516 is the presence of two openings. This feature allows it to adapt to a wide range of materials thanks to its ability to cover different sizes of measuring area. This model is frequently used in accurate color measurement and quality control in plastic electronics, paint and ink, textile and apparel printing and dyeing, printing, ceramics and other industries.

Features of Model YR05517

On the other hand, the Model YR05517 also offers solid accuracy and adaptability, albeit with a single opening. This adds versatility in handling and makes it especially useful in conditions where speed and agility are required.

YR05518 and YR05519: Delicate precision with Φ8 mm apertures

The YR05518 and YR05519 models have been designed with similar D/8 optical geometry as the YR05516 and YR05517, leading to efficient diffuse illumination, an 8-degree viewing angle and SCI mode, establishing optimum color measurement accuracy.

One of the most significant features of these models lies in their Φ8 mm apertures, which enable them to be extremely accurate in color measurement and quality control in a variety of industries. This particularity further enhances their potential and effectiveness in adapting to diverse industrial environments. https://www.kalstein.se/product/spectrocolorimeter-yr05518-yr05519/

Integrating sphere size

Finally, these four Kalstein spectrocolorimeter models feature an integrating sphere size of Φ40mm, which contributes to accurate and reliable measurement. The integrating sphere is a vital part of the spectrocolorimeter, as it helps to collect the light reflected from the object being measured, thus accurately determining its color.

In conclusion, the Kalstein brand offers accurate and efficient tools for color measurement in various industries. With its wide range of spectrocolorimeters, you can not only achieve the highest accuracy in color determination, but also have a quality control that will meet the highest standards.