Kalstein Laboratory Urine Analyzers: Unmatched Efficiency and Accuracy

In this article we will explore two state-of-the-art Kalstein kits dedicated to the indispensable task of urinalysis in laboratories and for medical professionals. Urinalysis is an important diagnostic method for detecting a range of health conditions. This underscores the need for accurate and agile equipment, such as the Kalstein models YR05180 and YR05181, which we will detail with their features and specifications.

Laboratory Urine Analyzer Model YR05180: Premium in Clinical Diagnostics

YR05180 laboratory urine analyzer operates on the principle of determining the reflection of high brightness cold light source, which ensures exceptional accuracy in every test performed. It has a wavelength ranging from 400nm to 940nm, giving it unparalleled versatility in detecting a wide range of pathological parameters.

The YR05180 has an astounding test speed ranging from 300-600, with the ability to analyze 522 samples in one hour, making it a perfect fit for high-volume laboratories. Beyond its speed, it invests in maintaining data integrity as it has a memory for up to 1000 patient results. To ensure maximum performance, it is recommended to operate this equipment in an environment with a temperature of 10ยฐC-30ยฐC, ideally between 18ยฐC-25ยฐC, and relative humidity โ‰ค80%. https://www.kalstein.se/product/urine-analyzer-yr05180/

Model YR05180 Modern Communication and Energy Efficiency

With the importance of digitization in todayโ€™s medicine, the YR05180 features an RS-232 serial port and parallel print interface for efficient data transmission. It operates on a 220 VAC (ยฑ15%), 50/60Hz power supply, with a 250V 2A fuse and a power consumption of โ‰ค60w, underscoring its remarkable energy efficiency. With a net weight of 7.5 kg, it proves to be a compact device combining functionality and ease of operation.

Laboratory Urine Analyzer Model YR05181: Excellence in Testing and Parameters

The Model YR05181, with a focus on URS-10T, URS-11 and URS-12ma testing, employs a wavelength of 558nm to 720nm. This equipment exhibits a test speed of up to 120 tests per hour continuously, proving to be immense in throughput.

With the ability to store up to 1000 test results, this model offers options for 10, 11 or 12-parameter testing. It features an internal thermal printer and an external pen printer interface, providing flexibility in terms of printing results. It is PC compatible via RS232 and offers language support in English and Chinese. https://www.kalstein.se/product/urine-analyzer-yr05181/

YR05181 Ruggedness and Energy Efficiency

The YR05181 is resistant to harsh environmental conditions, working efficiently even at 0-40ยฐC and relative humidity below 85%. It uses a 220V(ยฑ15%) AC power supply, with a frequency of 50-60Hz and a power consumption of โ‰ค60W.

In summary, Kalsteinโ€™s in-house Laboratory Urine Analyzers provide a complete and reliable solution for urine testing, offering accurate results, simple maintenance requirements and outstanding energy efficiency. They are the ideal choice for any laboratory seeking superior performance and efficiency.