Kalstein Portable Ion Meters: Efficiency, Accuracy and Portability in Ion, pH and ORP Measurement

In the ever-advancing healthcare industry, one of the most important challenges is to provide laboratory equipment that is reliable, accurate and efficient. Among this equipment are portable ion meters, which are used to measure ions in various concentrations and solutions. Kalstein ion meter models stand out for their accuracy and reliability, thanks to detailed technical specifications and features.

General Features and Applications of Portable Ion Meters

Kalstein portable ion meters are a range of highly sophisticated and highly accurate scientific instruments designed to measure ion concentration, hydrogen potential (pH) and redox potential (ORP) in various solutions. These meters are ideal for laboratory and field applications in sectors including chemical research, industrial production, medicine and healthcare, among others.

The YR01816 and YR01816-1 offer a pH measurement range of -2,000 to 20,000, with selectable resolution of 0.001, 0.01 and 0.1 pH, providing an astounding accuracy of ยฑ0.002 pH. In addition, these devices offer the benefit of performing 1 to 5 calibration points with various pH buffer options, including US, NIST, DIN and 2 custom buffers. https://www.kalstein.se/product/yr01816-portable-ph-ion-meter/

Ion and Temperature Measurement Detailsย 

Measuring ion concentration is vital in many laboratory tasks. Kalstein meters offer an ion measurement range of 0.001 to 19999 (depending on ISE range) with an accuracy of ยฑ0.5% FS for monovalents and ยฑ1% FS for divalents. The meters allow 2 to 5 calibration points with calibration solutions ranging from 0.001 to 10000.

In terms of temperature measurement, the models operate over a range of 0 to 105ยฐC / 32 to 221ยฐF with a resolution of 0.1ยฐC / 0.1ยฐF. These meters offer an impressive accuracy of ยฑ0.5ยฐC / ยฑ0.9ยฐF and 1-point offset calibration.

Specifications of YR01817 Portable Metersย 

In Kalsteinโ€™s product range, we find models with ion concentration measurement capabilities such as the YR01817. These models offer specific measurement ranges such as 5 ร— 10^-6 to 1 M, 0.1 to 18000 ppm, allowing very precise measurements depending on the userโ€™s needs.

The resolution offered is 0.001, 0.01, 0.1, 1 and the accuracy is ยฑ 0.5% FS or ยฑ 1% FS depending on the particular model. https://www.kalstein.se/product/portable-ion-meter-yr01817-yr01817-15/

The Relevance of mV Measurement in Kalstein Meters

Finally, it is vital to highlight the ability of Kalstein meters to measure ORP in mV. The typical measurement range is ยฑ 1999.9mV with resolution of 0.1 mV and accuracy of ยฑ 0.2 mV. ORP measurement is crucial in many industrial and healthcare applications, such as water treatment and sterilization.

In conclusion, Kalsteinโ€™s portable ion meters stand out for their portability, accuracy and customization. They are a valuable tool not only for laboratory professionals, but also for anyone looking for accuracy in ion, pH and ORP measurement.