Kalstein Safety Storage Cabinets: An Imperative Need for Chemical Laboratories

A fundamental part of any chemical laboratory is the safe management of chemicals. Therefore, having the right furniture, especially for the safe storage of chemical compounds, is of utmost importance. Kalstein brand Safety Storage Cabinets stand out as a high quality choice with advanced features designed for safety, efficiency and durability.

These cabinets also contribute to improving good storage practices in the laboratory by promoting order and proper classification of chemicals. This not only ensures protection against hazardous spills, but also facilitates the efficient location and use of stored products. Safety cabinets for flammable liquids, for example, are equipped with an automatic locking system at temperatures above 74ยบC. In addition, they feature double-wall insulation to ensure user safety and protection of the stored product.

Types of Kalstein Safety Storage Cabinets

Kalsteinโ€™s extensive line of cabinets offers several types designed to meet different needs. Among the most commonly used are standard safety cabinets for flammable liquid storage, safety cabinets for acids and bases, and those for pesticides and other toxic chemicals.

YR05466 // YR05467 12 to 15 gallon explosion proof cabinet: Environmental protection spray, Strong insulation, Three point latching, Double locking, Heavy duty adjustable laminate, Electrostatic grounding, Safety upgrade, Three colors, each with its own strengths. https://www.kalstein.se/product/12-15-gallon-explosion-proof-cabinet-yr05466-yr05467/

2-4 Gallon Explosion Proof Cabinet YR05464 // YR05465: Galvanized Liquid Leak Proof Shelves: from 4 to 110 gallons, regardless of size, the shelves are designed with a leaking liquid guide groove, which is not afraid of leakage. The laminate can be adjusted up and down according to demand. https://www.kalstein.se/product/2-4-gallon-explosion-proof-cabinet-yr05464-yr05465/

YR05473 416 gallon explosion-proof cabinet // YR05473-2: Adjustable fire vent: the fire vents on both sides of the cabinet body are equipped with adjustable valves, which can rotate to control the air volume and reduce the risk of accumulation of harmful gases in the cabinet. https://www.kalstein.se/product/416-gallon-explosion-proof-cabinet-yr05473-yr05473-2/

YR05472 90 Gallon Explosion Proof Cabinet // YR05472-2: Three-point linkage solid locking post: three-point linkage cabinet door lock tab lock structure, upper, middle and lower three-point linkage solid core locking columns to increase cabinet safety. https://www.kalstein.se/product/90-gallon-explosion-proof-cabinet-yr05472-yr05472-2/

Kalstein Security Storage Cabinet Highlights

All Kalstein security storage cabinets have key features that set them apart in the marketplace. These include rugged, high-quality steel construction, customizability and an ergonomic design for easy access and storage. Each cabinet has adjustable shelves, allowing for efficient space management. The cabinets also feature built-in ventilation systems, automatic opening doors in case of internal temperature rise and locking systems for increased security.

Acid and base cabinets, on the other hand, are specially designed to resist corrosive materials with a high-density polyethylene lining. The cabinets for pesticides and toxic chemicals have an automatic and secure locking system to ensure that any risk of contamination is minimized.

Kalstein Safety Storage Cabinets Uses and Applications

Kalstein Safety Storage Cabinets are used in a variety of contexts, both in industry and in academic and research laboratories. Their primary use is the protection of personnel, the environment and the stored chemicals themselves.

In short, Kalstein brand Safety Storage Cabinets are an excellent choice to ensure safety, efficiency and order in any chemical laboratory. Their diverse range, high quality construction and advanced safety features are just some of the factors that make them an outstanding choice for any laboratory environment.