Kalstein water baths: a fusion of innovation and applicable function for the laboratory

In the world of science, every process and experiment that takes place requires precision, consistency and control. Kalstein water baths are essential tools that guarantee these three requirements in a laboratory, offering a wide range of applications and advantages.

Kalstein offers a complete range of water baths designed to meet various needs in a laboratory. Regardless of type, all Kalstein water baths have in common their ability to provide high precision in temperature control, thus facilitating the consistency and accuracy needed in scientific experiments. For science professionals, this is a guarantee of reliable and reproducible results.

Circulating Bath

The Kalstein Circulating Bath is distinguished by its efficiency in accurately regulating temperature in more than one laboratory simultaneously. The microprocessor temperature controller ensures uniform heat distribution and eliminates the risk of overheating. Thus, this equipment is ideal for applications such as tissue culture, incubation, reagent heating, decrystallization and protein digestion.

YR04986 // YR05000 Cooling and Heating Circulator Bath: YR series cooling and heating circulator provides a constant temperature liquid environment from -40 โ„ƒ to 100 โ„ƒ, used for temperature control of electronic component testing, chemical synthesis, life science experiments, etc.

Oil Bath

Kalstein Oil Bath is known for its thermal stability power, providing constant and uniform heat distribution. Its applications extend to the determination of fats, phosphorus, dry matter, as well as heat resistance tests in clinical and research laboratories. An economical price and low power consumption make it an attractive option for laboratories.

YR04973 // YR04976 oil bath: widely used in bioengineering, medicine, food, chemical industry, gold processing, petroleum and other fields. To provide users with a constant uniform, controlled and high precision temperature constant place, it is found Research Institute, colleges and universities, factory laboratory, inspection department, etc. https://www.kalstein.se/product/oil-bath-yr04973-yr04976/

Thermostatic Magnetic Stirring Bath

This type of Kalstein water bath combines thermostatically regulated with magnetic stirring, allowing homogeneous and controlled mixing of reagents. This bath is extremely useful in research requiring heating, slow evaporation, distillation or saponification reactions.

Thermostatic magnetic stirring bath YR02311 // YR02312: 304 stainless steel heater. The magnetic stirring system causes the stirrer to rotate synchronously, so that the solution in the bath can be heated and stirred evenly. Information https://www.kalstein.se/product/thermostatic-magnetic-stirring-bath-yr02311-yr02312/

Clear Water Bath

The Kalstein Transparent Water Bath allows easy visual monitoring thanks to its transparent container. This equipment is regularly used in experiments that require constant observation of the processes in the bath, ensuring precise and safe temperature control.

YR05080 // YR05082 Transparent Water Bath: YR series transparent water bath has a transparent chamber design, with greatly improved temperature uniformity and accuracy, specially designed for tissue culture, enzyme reaction studies, growth observation studies, etc. https://www.kalstein.se/product/transparent-water-bath-yr05080-yr05082/

Water Baths

Designed for gentle and slow heating of samples, Kalstein Water Baths are essential in any laboratory. These water baths are perfect for tasks such as thawing, incubation, heating bacteria and boiling at precise temperatures. Like all Kalstein equipment, they offer exceptional durability and reliability, backed by ergonomic design and adherence to strict quality standards.

Water baths YR05076 // YR05079: the most widely used water bath in laboratories. Its chamber and lid use 304 stainless steel, and it contains triple safety guards to ensure laboratory safety. The chamber is deeper than the normal bath and has an arched lid. Visit https://www.kalstein.se/product/water-tank-yr05076-yr05079/

Kalstein Water Bathsย 

In conclusion, choosing a Kalstein water bath is a safe investment towards efficiency, innovation and excellence. Undoubtedly at the best price in the market, being manufacturers we guarantee the quality and efficiency of our equipment, learn more about us and our offers on sale / purchase. Meet the variety of models, visiting our profile.