Kalstein’s Horizontal Laminar Flow Cabinet: Advanced Models for High Performance Laboratories

Laminar flow cabinets are indispensable in any laboratory that requires working with samples sensitive to contaminants. They provide an ultra-clean work environment, avoiding the contamination of the samples and protecting the user and the environment. In this article, we will explore the models of Kalstein’s horizontal laminar flow cabinets: YR05733, YR05731, YR05729 and YR05728.

YR05733 Model: Features and Technical Specifications

Kalstein’s YR05733 model of the laminar flow cabinet provides vertical air supply, ensuring a sterile and contaminant-free work area. Its cleanliness levels meet the 100@≥0.5µM class (US Federal 209E), resulting in a minimum number of colonies of ≤0.5 pieces/plate·hour. Moreover, it maintains a mean wind speed between 0.25 and 0.45 m/s, maintaining a safe and conducive environment for clinical analysis development. https://www.kalstein.se/product/horizontal-air-supply-clean-bench-yr05733/

On the other hand, it has a noise level of ≤62dB (A), ensuring a quiet working environment. By integrating a mid-peak vibration of ≤5 μM, stability is guaranteed during the development of scientific work. The illuminance of ≥300Lx and the maximum power consumption of 800W contribute to its efficacy and efficiency.

YR05731 Model: Performance and Energy Consumption

The YR05731 model by Kalstein is characterized by 100@≥0.5µM cleanliness level and a number of colonies of ≤0.5 pieces/plate·hour similar to the previous one, ensuring a contamination-free environment for accurate analysis and experiments. This laminar flow cabinet maintains the average wind speed at 0.25~0.45 m/s and a noise level of ≤62dB (A), creating an ideal work climate. https://www.kalstein.se/product/horizontal-air-supply-clean-bench-yr05731/

In terms of energy consumption, this model presents a maximum of 640W, maintaining significant energy efficiency. Additionally, its power supply is 220V/50Hz single-phase AC. This instrument, weighing 160kg, provides a large workspace of 1770x510x600.

YR05729 Model: Compact and Efficient Design

Weighing 140kg, the YR05729 model by Kalstein provides a workspace of 1370x510x580, a width that ensures the effective performance of various scientific activities. Furthermore, this model champions a high cleanliness level of 100@≥0.5µM class and a number of colonies of ≤0.5 pieces/plate·hour, results similar to the previous models. https://www.kalstein.se/product/horizontal-air-supply-clean-bench-yr05729/

Maintaining standards, this model provides an average wind speed of 0.25~0.45 m/s, with noise not exceeding 62dB (A). Like the other models, it operates with a 220V/50Hz single-phase AC power supply and a maximum power of 640W.

YR05728 Model: Manageable for Individual Use

For individual workspaces, the YR05728 model by Kalstein is ideal due to its compact size and 90kg weight. This laminar flow cabinet offers a cleanliness level of 100@≥0.5µM class and a limited number of colonies of ≤0.5 pieces/plate·hour. In addition, it presents a wind speed of 0.25~0.45 m/s and a noise level of ≤62dB (A), creating a suitable environment for laboratory work. https://www.kalstein.se/product/laminar-air-flow-clean-bench-yr05728/

This equipment, with an illuminance of ≥300Lx, operates with a 220V/50Hz single-phase AC power supply and a maximum power of 490W, showcasing its energy efficiency. In summary, Kalstein’s laboratory equipment stands out not only for its high performance but also for its energy efficiency and commitment to a safe and productive work environment.