Laboratory Analytical Balances: technical specifications and features of high-quality Kalstein models

Laboratory equipment, primarily balances, plays a central role in providing accurate and reliable data for various analysis procedures in the medical and scientific field. The company Kalstein, a global leader in the production of high-quality laboratory equipment, offers models of analytical balances with outstanding technical specifications and superior capabilities that allow for greater efficiency and accuracy.

Presenting the Kalstein Laboratory Analytical Balances Line

Within the laboratory field, it is essential to have high-tech tools that promote precision and efficiency. One of these indispensable devices is an analytical balance. In this article, we explore the technical features and specific properties of the Laboratory Analytical Balances models offered by Kalstein, with a particular focus on both internal and external calibration.

Models with External and Internal Calibration (YR05580-YR05583)

Kalstein models such as the YR05580, YR05581, YR05582, and YR05583 include options for both internal and external calibration, allowing unparalleled flexibility to cater to the specific needs of the laboratory. All of these models vary in weighing capacity from 100 grams to 220 grams, with exact and precise readability, minimum weighing, repeatability, and linearity, complying with the strictest standards of the industry.

These models have a settling time of less than three seconds, which guarantees quick and effective measurements, and they are equipped with an air current shield to prevent inaccurate readings due to environmental fluctuations. All offer RS232 communication as standard, with the option of USB and RJ45 if required.

External Calibration Models: YR05576 & YR05577

The Laboratory Analytical Balances models YR05576 and YR05577 from Kalstein are designed with an external calibration function, which allows for easy, quick, and effective adjustments. Both models have a load capacity that varies from 100 grams to 210 grams and present highly accurate readability, minimum weighing, repeatability, and linearity.

These balances have a settling time of less than three seconds and are equipped with an air current protection shield to ensure accuracy. The RS232 communication is standard in these models, with the option to incorporate USB.

Advanced design features and the advantages of Kalstein

Apart from the functions and technical characteristics described above, the models of Kalsteinโ€™s laboratory analytical balances have a compact and modern design. They have a pan size of ร˜80mm and an appearance size of 340x215x350mm, allowing easy integration in any laboratory space.

In conclusion, the Kalstein Laboratory Analytical Balances models are the ideal choice for any laboratory that values precision, efficiency, and reliability. Offering a wide range of capabilities and functionalities, these balances are at the forefront of laboratory technology, ensuring accurate and high-quality results at all times.