Microwave Digesters: Kalstein YR04960/YR04960 Models vs CEM Mars 6

Choosing the right microwave digester is essential in a laboratory, and the best way to make an informed decision is through a precise comparison of the capacities and technical specifications of different models. In this comparative analysis, we will delve into the key differences between the Kalstein YR04960/YR04959 and CEM Mars 6 models.

The Kalstein model has the capacity to house up to 50 containers, a clear advantage over the 40 offered by CEM Mars 6. Additionally, both models have temperature and pressure control for all containers. However, while CEM Mars 6 only offers a range of container sizes from 3 ml to 110 ml, the Kalstein model has a fixed volume of 50 ml.

The test method for pressure and temperature of both models is contactless. The materials of the containers vary, with Kalstein using imported TFM for the inner container and imported PEEK + fiberglass for the exterior. On the other hand, CEM Mars 6 uses PFA / TFM / Quartz (optional) for its inner container and aerospace compound for the exterior.

Control Range and Maximum Working Pressure

Regarding the control ranges, the Kalstein microwave digester offers a wide pressure control range of 0-10 MPA and a maximum working pressure of 6 MPA. Its model has an outer container pressure limit of 20 MPA. In comparison, the CEM Mars 6 has pressure options that reach up to 2200 psi.

The Kalstein model has a temperature control range of 50-300โ„ƒ and can work up to a maximum temperature of 250โ„ƒ, its internal container temperature limit being 300โ„ƒ. On the other hand, the CEM Mars 6 has an inner container temperature limit of 260โ„ƒ/330โ„ƒ. Also, Kalsteinโ€™s microwave power is adjustable between 0 and 3000W, clearly superior to the 1800W of the CEM Mars 6. https://www.kalstein.se/product/microwave-digestion-system-yr04959-yr04960/

Specification Model KALSTEIN
YR04960/ YR04959
Mars 6
Vessels 50 vessels / 40 vessels 0-40 vessels optional
Temperature&Pressure control All vessels temperature&pressure control All vessels temperature&pressure control
Vessel volume 50ml All vessels temperature&pressure control
Pressure testing method Contactless 3ml/7ml/10ml/25ml/50ml/75ml/100ml /110ml optional
Temperature testing method Contactless
Vessel matrial Inner vessel: imported TFM / Outer vessel: imported PEEK+ glass fiber Inner vessel: PFA/TFM/quartz (optional) / Outer vessel: aerospace composite
Pressure control range 0-10MPA
Maximum working pressure 6MPA
Outer vessel pressure limit 20MPA 800psi/1500psi/2200psi optional
Temperature control range 50-300โ„ƒ
Maximum working pressure 250โ„ƒ
Inner vessel temperature limit 300โ„ƒ
Microwave power 0-3000W adjustable 0-1800W


Best Microwave Digester for Laboratories

After performing a comparative analysis of the technical specifications and features between the Kalstein YR04960/YR04959 and the CEM Mars 6, it is evident that the Kalstein microwave digester stands out as a manufacturer with its superior capabilities, making it more suitable for laboratory environments. Although CEM Mars 6 excels in certain areas, Kalsteinโ€™s advantages in terms of container capacity, pressure control range, and microwave power are undeniable. Nevertheless, the choice between these two devices will depend on the individual needs of each laboratory, so both models have their own pros and cons.

When it comes to buying a microwave digester, itโ€™s also important to consider the price and after-sales service. Kalstein, as a manufacturer and distributor of laboratory equipment, offers not only high-quality devices, but also excellent after-sales service, guaranteeing long-term customer satisfaction.