Perfecting Total Organic Carbon Assessment: An In-Depth Analysis of Kalstein Equipment

Accurate measurement of Total Organic Carbon (TOC) is vital in the fields of health and science, and Kalstein analyzers are leaders in this crucial area. The YR04950-1 and YR04950 TOC analyzers epitomize efficiency and accuracy. Their simple operation allows real-time display of results, thanks to non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) technology. With a measuring range of 0-1000 mg/L and effective removal of carbonates, accuracy is paramount.

Focus on Total Organic Carbon Analyzer YR04950

The YR04950 brings together all the features required for a complete TOC solution. With its automated shutdown and adaptability to different sample sizes, it is designed for heavy-duty testing operations. Its self-protection capability provides reliability and durability, avoiding failures and the need for constant repairs. In addition, the two-dimensional burn time adjustment capability provides flexibility for accurate analysis.

Advanced Organic Carbon Analysis

The YR04947 โ€“ YR04948 models share several features with the YR04950, but add a vital ingredient to the mix: the option to adjust the combustion temperature. This allows superior control of sample analysis and helps eliminate any possibility of human error. Its programmable calibration system ensures the certainty and consistency laboratories need to achieve optimal results.

The proprietary national patent signal management system, which has great advantages of on-line adjustment, real-time monitoring, self-checking and flow rate control, ensures high performance and safe operation.

  • The low current system design ensures the safety of users.
  • Different temperature settings for various samples ensure complete sample digestion for more accurate measurement data.
  • Cooling module power adjustable according to the sampling volume that improves drying performance to ensure dry gas entering the detector.
  • Automatic leak check system to avoid operating errors, also improves instrument performance and ensures safe operation.
  • Flow control system to avoid any effect caused by flow fluctuation, ensuring data accuracy.
  • TOC detector with 24-bit data solution extends the scope of monitoring.
  • The control system with 32-bit processing technology greatly improves performance.

Kalstein, Advancing TOC Measurement

The key technological contribution offered by Kalstein is the YR04951 Autosampler. Designed for time savings and operational accuracy, this equipment can automatically process up to 42 samples, freeing up time and manpower. Its compatibility with Kalstein TOC analyzer models ensures optimal performance and consistent results. Incorporating the YR04951 Autosampler into any laboratory will provide a fully integrated TOC solution, optimizing sample handling and ensuring accuracy and efficiency.

Kalsteinโ€™s family of total organic carbon analyzers and autosampler catapults TOC measurement to new heights. Their reliability, accuracy and ease of use, combined with their innovative technology, offer a comprehensive TOC solution, making them a superior choice for any laboratory. By adopting any of these instruments, laboratories are choosing accuracy of analysis, efficiency of operation and long-term reliability of results.