Reliable and Efficient Plasma Storage: Analysis of the YR05094 Plasma Refrigerator Model

In the medical and laboratory world, it is essential to have quality equipment in order to carry out processes accurately and responsibly, ensuring the highest standards of effectiveness and safety. Today, we will delve into a vital tool for the storage and preservation of plasma: the plasma refrigerator. In particular, the YR05094 model from Kalstein, designed with features and technical specifications that enhance its efficiency and reliability.

Superior Design and Capacity

The YR05094 model from Kalstein, a leading manufacturer of laboratory and medical equipment, stands out for its superior features and technical specifications. With a design focused on functionality and durability, this plasma refrigerator has twelve easy-to-handle shelves, which provide almost unparalleled storage capacity. Made with stainless steel on the inside and color sprayed steel on the outside, it is a durable and high-quality solution for plasma preservation.

Within its dimensions, this model has a capacity of 658 liters, which translates into the ability to store up to 360 450ml blood bags under optimal storage conditions. With a net weight of 202 kilograms and a gross weight of 257, this model is a considerable size and weight, indicative of its robustness and reliability.

Energy Efficiency and High-Precision Cooling

Crucially, the YR05094 refrigerator provides high performance in terms of energy consumption, with a daily consumption of only 6.31 kWh. Additionally, its forced air cooling design provides continuous and efficient operation, far from frost problems and constant defrosting, as it has an automatic defrost function.

Throughout this process, the equipment ensures a constant temperature range of 4 ยฑ 1ยฐC, an essential element to guarantee proper preservation of plasma. To achieve this, it uses an R134a refrigerant and a SECOP compressor. The control of these conditions is carried out through an NTC sensor and a microprocessor that acts as a temperature controller, allowing for accuracy and strict control of the refrigeratorโ€™s internal conditions.

Convenient and Reliable Control

The YR05094 model incorporates a digital display that allows clear monitoring of internal temperature conditions and detailed control of its functions. With a minimum noise level of 51.2 db (A), it is a discreet device capable of operating efficiently in a quiet laboratory environment. Additionally, this refrigerator is designed to function optimally in environments ranging from 10 to 32ยฐC.

This equipment can operate with a voltage and frequency of 220/50 Hz, requiring a power input of 364 W and a current flow of 2.42 A, conditions that allow for wide adaptability to different installation and operation contexts.

Kalsteinโ€™s Solution for Plasma Storage in the Laboratory

In summary, the YR05094 plasma storage refrigerator model from Kalstein is a comprehensive solution for plasma storage in the laboratory. Its technical specifications highlight its storage capacity, energy consumption efficiency, and cooling performance, along with its features that allow for precise control of storage conditions.

All of this translates into superior safety and reliability, especially when it comes to storing valuable and sensitive materials such as plasma. This refrigerator is designed to meet the everyday challenges of 21st-century medical and clinical laboratories.