Revolutionizing the World of Laboratory Analysis: Kalsteinโ€™s Vertical Electrophoresis Brand

Kalstein is a brand known for its commitment to precision, efficiency and innovation in laboratory technology. Vertical Electrophoresis is one of the great products that this brand offers in its wide range of laboratory equipment.

Kalstein Vertical Electrophoresis reinvents laboratory analysis, enabling unprecedented precision in protein and DNA studies. This equipment, essential in biochemistry and genetics, efficiently separates molecules according to size and electrical charge, enabling advances in diagnostics and therapies. With Kalstein, implement more reliable and advanced laboratory procedures.

Kalstein Vertical Electrophoresis Features

The Kalstein Vertical Electrophoresis is distinguished by its intuitive design, robust construction and excellent reliability, making it essential for any laboratory seeking to optimize its operations. The equipment allows electrophoresis to be performed with total precision due to its unique features. These include its linearly regulated DC power supply with a power range of up to 300V, ensuring consistent results.

It contains a toughened glass electrophoresis plate, which withstands even the most intensive electrophoresis applications. Its chemical resistant tank is durable and guarantees optimum performance even under the most demanding conditions. The system is easily adjustable, allowing electrophoresis parameters to be changed in a matter of seconds. It also has advanced safety features, such as a safety switch that automatically shuts down the equipment when the lid of the electrophoresis tank is opened.

Scientific Applications

In the modern laboratory world, vertical electrophoresis is used in a number of scientific applications. It is frequently used for the separation of proteins, nucleic acids and other biomolecules. Ideally, Kalstein Vertical Electrophoresis is used in genomics, where scientists must separate and analyze DNA and RNA fragments. This is essential for the study of genetic diseases and in gene therapy research.

It is also essential in proteomics, where researchers study proteins and how they influence our health and diseases. These applications of vertical electrophoresis are vital in pharmacology, forensic medicine, life sciences and biochemistry. These disciplines rely on the ability of electrophoresis to separate and analyze molecular structures.

Kalstein: Reliable, Accurate and Safeย 

With its intelligent design and superior features, the Kalstein Vertical Electrophoresis is a milestone in laboratory technology. This equipment is reliable, accurate and safe, three crucial attributes in any laboratory equipment. Kalstein, as a brand, is synonymous with innovation and excellence. Its Vertical Electrophoresis is a testament to its commitment to quality and efficiency.

Researchers and lab technicians can depend on this sophisticated equipment for exceptional performance and accurate results every time. In short, the Kalstein Vertical Electrophoresis represents an exceptional tool for any laboratory. Its unique combination of superior features, ease of use and efficiency makes it an indispensable choice for high-level scientific research and analysis.

Vertical Electrophoresis Models

Mini-Protean YR03426 Vertical Electrophoresis Cell: Vertical gel electrophoresis is a more complex configuration compared to the horizontal gel system. Researchers often use this system to separate proteins instead of nucleic acids. However, before separating proteins, it is necessary to break the quaternary structure of proteins on the linear strand.

SSR YR03430 Rapid Vertical Electrophoresis SSR YR03430: The installation of the glass plate in only 15 seconds, and no need the knob, is fast and convenient. With the gel making device in normal position, you should not move the glass plate from gel making process to electrophoresis. With prefabricated inner gel core, it does not affect the operation of Safety cover opening button design, convenient cover opening.

Vertical Gel Electrophoresis Cell YR03429: Abundant buffer not only guarantees the cooling effects, but also keeps the pH value stable during the whole process of experiment. Auto-off when the lid is removed.

These among other models that as a manufacturing company we offer you in Kalstein, remember that we have competitive prices, and we are present in different regions in the world, in addition to offering reliable equipment and advanced technology, we have the technical support that are available after sales.