Superior Laboratory Equipment: Kalstein’s Vertical Laboratory Sterilizers

Kalstein’s Vertical Laboratory Sterilizers are a promise of solidity, precision, and high performance, designed to provide an effective and efficient solution to all your sterilization needs. Designed with the highest standards of excellence, these pieces of equipment deliver consistent performance, from maximum temperature precision to an adjustable sterilization and drying time.

Technological Advancements in Laboratory Sterilization

Flawless work in laboratories largely depends on the use of efficient sterilizing equipment. Kalstein’s Vertical Laboratory Sterilizers are a masterful testament to innovation and effectiveness in this field. Entering their wide range of products, the model YR05793 comes with a Class B, guaranteeing its superior quality.

It stands out for its vertical pulsating vacuum autoclave, controlled by an intelligent microprocessor, which allows a working pressure of 0.22Mpa and a working temperature range of 105 – 134 ℃. Additionally, it features high precision, with a heat average of up to ≤ ± 1℃ and an adjustable sterilization and drying time from 0 to 99 minutes, adapting to different work needs.

Adaptability and Safety in Sterilization

Continuing with Kalstein’s developments, the models YR05695, YR05696, and YR05697 continue to demonstrate why the brand is a leader in laboratory sterilization solutions. Simplicity and safety are outstanding features of these models, highlighting their electric heating system, double safety valve, and easy operation.

Made with high-quality SUS304 stainless steel material, these devices provide a working pressure of 0.145- 0.165Mpa and an achievable temperature of 126°C-129°C. Additionally, the inclusion of a high-pressure tap and a dual-scale pressure indicator increase ease of use and safety.

Affordable and Reliable Performance in Sterilization

Kalstein models YR05682 to YR05687 offer reliable sterilizer performance at an affordable cost. Operating with a working pressure of 0.22Mpa, these microprocessor-controlled vertical steam sterilizers can reach working temperatures of up to 134℃.

The adjustable sterilization time from 0 to 60 minutes, combined with a heat average of ≤ ± 1℃, guarantees system efficiency. In addition, its indicator light allows you to know the working status and water level, and it includes two sterilization baskets.

Speed and Precision in Sterilization 

The models YR05673 to YR05675 are further proof of Kalstein’s commitment to innovation in laboratory sterilization. These vertical pulsating vacuum autoclaves feature microprocessor control and a quick-opening flywheel type door that improves operational efficiency.

In particular, these models allow a working pressure of 0.22Mpa, a working temperature range of 105-134 ℃, and a sterilization and drying time of 0-99 minutes. With a temperature precision of 0.1℃ and a heat average of ≤±1℃, these devices reflect Kalstein’s commitment to precision and efficiency in laboratory sterilization.