Technical and Functional Comparison: Thermalcyclers of the Kalstein Line

Thermal cyclers are essential laboratory equipment designed to amplify DNA and RNA fragments through polymerase chain reaction (PCR). Kalstein brand models are renowned for their exceptional accuracy and efficiency. Here, we will compare the models YR01869-2, YR01870, YR06070 and YR01868.

Technical Description and Comparison

  1. YR01869-2 thermal cycler: With a throughput of 16, this model has a processing volume of 20-1700ฮผL and sample processing is 200-500ฮผL. It is compatible with custom deep 96-well plates and individual 6-strip tubes, using a rotary mixing method with speeds of 100~3000rpm. Its accuracy is guaranteed by the difference between wells which is CVโ‰ค3%.

Thermal cycler YR01870: This model can process volumes of 30-1000mL and has a recommended sample volume of 200uL. It is capable of heating from room temperature to 120ยฐC. Its suitable consumables include 96-well plates and 6-tube strips. It features a multi-mode and multi-gear mixing mode for optimal mixing.

YR06070 Thermalcycler: This model is distinguished by its 0-100ฮผL reaction volume and aluminum heating block. It is compatible with a 0.2-mL single tube, 0.2-mL 8-strip tubes, and 0.2-mL 96-well plate (with or without skirt). Peltier technology is used for block heating, providing a block temperature control range of 4โ„ƒ-99โ„ƒ.

  1. YR01868 Thermocycler: This model features 1-48 throughput and 2 fluorescence channels. Its LED light sources offer high brightness, long lifetime and require no maintenance. It supports an adjustable fluorescence dynamic range and a sample dynamic range of 101 to 1010 copies.

Applications and Model Differences

Each Kalstein thermal cycler model has its own unique application, although all share the common denominator of providing the basic function of DNA and RNA amplification.

The YR01869-2 is ideal for high capacity work while the YR01870 offers finer control of heating temperature. In terms of sample volume, the YR06070 is the most efficient for small reaction volumes. Finally, the YR01868 is extremely accurate and compatible with a variety of dyes, making it perfect for complex protocols.

Each Kalstein thermal cycler offers a unique combination of features designed to meet various laboratory needs. By understanding the technical specifications of each model, users can select the most suitable equipment for their experiments, ensuring accurate results in their genetic research.