Technical details of Kalstein strong illumination stability test chamber yr05353

In modern drug testing laboratories, an essential piece of equipment is the stability test chamber. Kalstein stability test chambers excel in this field thanks to their ability to recreate the exact test conditions of a strong illumination environment.

Simply put, the YR05353 models provide drug testing laboratories with more than what is needed in terms of illumination requirements, temperature accuracy, internal capacity and so on, proving to be high-performance and efficient pieces of equipment to ensure reliable and accurate stability testing.

Distinctive Features of Stability Test Chamberย 

Kalstein YR05353 models feature forced convection, being able to generate a consistent and uniform internal temperature. This feature is particularly valuable in the pharmaceutical industry where testing under tight, controlled conditions is required.

The ability to vary the internal temperature is a must and Kalstein models flood this specification with a range of 10 to 65 degrees Celsius (with illumination), and 0 to 60 degrees Celsius (without illumination). Temperature accuracy is 0.1 โ„ƒ, with its ability to maintain temperature fluctuation within ยฑ0.5 โ„ƒ (10-40 โ„ƒ) being remarkable, thus ensuring accuracy and consistency in testing.

Illumination control and working environment

The Kalstein YR05353 models feature an adjustable illumination range from 0 to 6000LX noticeably superior to many other stability test chambers on the market. This opens the door to a wider range of pharmaceutical testing under varying light conditions, grouped into five adjustable stages.

Environmentally friendly, these models require a humidity of <70% and ambient temperatures of 10 to 30 degrees Celsius. These are machines that guarantee an admirable level of efficiency and durability, provided by their imported environmental-type insulation material.

Dimensions and interior volume

The size of the Kalstein chambers fits various volume needs, being perfect for laboratories of different capacities. The basic model YR05353, with external dimensions of 1410x650x680 and internal dimensions of 760x510x390, has an internal volume of 150L, while the YR05353-1 model has an internal volume of 250L with external dimensions of 1730x650x740 and internal dimensions of 1100x510x450.

At the pinnacle of the series, the YR05353-2 promises an internal volume of up to 400L, being the option of choice for those laboratories that need a larger space for stability testing. Its external dimensions are 1700x745x930 and internal dimensions 1050x600x640.