Technical features and description of thermostatic baths with magnetic stirring models

Scientific laboratories increasingly require state-of-the-art equipment for accurate and effective research. In this scenario, the Kalstein models of thermostatic magnetic stirring baths, YR02311 and YR02312, emerge as two viable options to provide excellent results. Both models are designed with efficient advanced technical features to meet and exceed the expectations of a modern laboratory.

Kalsteinโ€™s YR02311 and YR02312 thermostatic magnetic stirring bath models are highly efficient and reliable equipment for laboratories looking to optimize their processes. With their advanced functionality and robust, durable design, these models represent a sound investment for any modern laboratory.

Technical and Functional Specificationsย 

These magnetically stirred thermostatic baths are equipped with a variety of specific technical features for ease of operation and improved efficiency. The operating temperature range varies from room temperature +5 to 200 degrees Celsius. The degree of temperature stability is impressive, with a variability of only ยฑ 1 ยฐ C.

A unique feature of these models is their keypad input functionality and digital display for temperature display. This facilitates accurate reading of measurements and allows convenient adjustment of temperature parameters according to the needs of the experiment.

Stirring Speed and Bath Capacity Adjustment

Stirring speed is another crucial parameter in any magnetically stirred bath. The speed adjustment on these Kalstein models allows flexible setting through a knob, offering a speed range from 0 to 2 000 revolutions per minute (rpm).

Bath capacity is 4 liters for the YR02311 model and 6.5 liters for the YR02312 model, a considerable size to accommodate a wide variety of samples and scientific experiments. In addition, the bath dimensions are ร˜220 x 110 for the YR02311 and ร˜254 x 130 for the YR02312, providing a generous amount of space for samples.

Heating Power and Durability

In terms of heating power, the YR02311 model has 500W, while the YR02312 has a power of 1050W, a determining factor to consider depending on the type of experiments to be performed.

Kalsteinโ€™s magnetically stirred thermostatic baths are built to be rugged and durable. Both the YR02311 and YR02312 are constructed of high quality, high-tech materials that support their ability to provide consistent and accurate results over time.