Technical Specifications and Features of Kalstein Laboratory Balances

Accuracy and reliability in measurement are essential for any laboratory. An indispensable instrument to achieve such precision is the laboratory balance. On this occasion, we will describe the technical specifications and characteristics of different models of Kalstein laboratory balances.

Modern laboratories require precision equipment to accurately measure samples in their experiments. In this sense, laboratory balances become fundamental pieces, and the models of the Kalstein category are presented as excellent options thanks to their features and high-level technical specifications.

Analytical Balances YR05774 โ€“ YR05778: Precision and Ease of Use

Kalstein laboratory balances models YR05774 to YR05778 stand out for their 0.001g readability and a capacity ranging from 200g to 1200g. These instruments promise a minimum weighing of 0.004g, which is indicative of their accuracy and efficiency. Accuracy of results is also guaranteed thanks to their immense repeatability of ยฑ0.002g and linearity of ยฑ0.003g.

Set-up time is incredibly fast, less than 3 seconds, ensuring efficiency in every operation. Sec are complemented with a pan size variable between ร˜100mm and ร˜80mm depending on the model.

Models YR05779 โ€“ YR05781: Maximum Accuracy in Small Spaces

Models YR05779 to YR05781 go one step further in terms of efficiency and portability. Sharing the same technical specifications of readability, minimum weight, repeatability and linearity, these models offer a tighter capacity of up to 310g.

These scales fit perfectly into the smallest of spaces thanks to their ร˜90mm pan size. As a result, you get the same accuracy and quality of previous Kalstein balances but in a more compact size.

Multifunction Scales YR05615 โ€“ YR05619: Quality and Durability

Kalsteinโ€™s range of multifunction scales is equally impressive, highlighted by models YR05615 through YR05619. With capacities ranging from 10kg to 30kg and readability between 1g and 0.1g, these devices are perfect for larger tasks.

The operating temperature ranges from 5โ„ƒ to 35โ„ƒ, making them adaptable to various laboratory environments. In turn, the speed and accuracy of these balances are indisputable, marked by a settling time of โ‰ค2S and a sensitivity drift of ยฑ3d.

Analytical Balances YR05584 โ€“ YR05587: Adaptability and Versatility

The YR05584 โ€“ YR05587 analytical balance models are characterized by their adaptability and versatility. They offer high readability, from 0.001g to 0.01g. Capacity ranges from 110g to 610g, making them ideal for a wide variety of laboratory applications.

Linearity of ยฑ0.003g to ยฑ3d and repeatability of ยฑ0.002g to ยฑ2d ensure accurate results. In addition, the speed of these balances is outstanding with a stable time of โ‰ค3S. Finally, the pan size ranges from ร˜90mm to ร˜110mm, providing options for different weighing purposes.